Field day for improved off grid cardamom curing dryer in Dagana

img_1475A field day programme was jointly organized by the Dzongkhag Agriculture Sector and Agriculture Machinery Centre on improved large scale off grid curing dryer for cardamom. It was held on October 25, at farmer’s place in Kana geog under Dagana Dzongkhag. More than seventy farmers from all geogs and all extension officers attended.

AMC explained the test results and also the advantages of this modified improved curing dryer which is originally from India. Series of modifications were made and had more advantages over the traditional method. It is fire risk free, smoke free and with slow drying rate, the quality is very good. It is dried using heat instead of fire as in traditional method. It is fuel efficient and also can be dried during the rain. The progressive farmer who had installed this technology for tests explained on the huge advantages of this technology and also showed the dried products. He dried more than 2000 kgs on this dryer.

The field day was organized as maximum of farmers in the cardamom growing dzongkhags produce cardamom but the drying method practiced is still traditional in nature and the quality produced is very low. The farmers who participated in the field day were very impressed with this technology and had practically seen its use during the field day. Interests to own were also shown by those who have large areas under cultivation.

AMC promised to support a few sets in each geog on cost sharing basis in collaboration with Dzongkhag on awareness basis this year to further take it to be seen by more farmers. AMC shall provide the technical support during the installation and the drying unit.  It will be coordinated by the Regional Agriculture Machinery Centre, Samtenling. Thereafter based on popularity of this technology, only technical support shall be rendered. The tests and awareness programme in geogs  are and shall  also be supported by SFaMP-II project, JICA, for AMC. AMC shall also spread this technology on awareness basis and feedback collections in other Dzongkhags. In this financial year, AMC plans to install 40 numbers on cost sharing basis and thereafter support only technically.

-Submitted by: AMC

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