Farmers learn about Fruit Thinning and Harvesting Techniques

wengkhar20 June 2014, RC Wengkhar: A total of 35 orchard owners completed their final round of crop management training under the Systematic Training and Orchard Development Program for the 2013-14 Financial Year.

The current batch of orchard owners have already undergone two rounds of training- Awareness on Available Technologies and Fruit Cultivation Practices. The recent training is specifically imparted on fruit thinning and harvesting of temperate and subtropical fruit plants. The training comprised of both in-house theoretical sessions and hands – on practice in the research and farmers’ fields.

The pre-test conduct before the training showed more than 60% of the participants were not aware of fruit thinning and harvesting techniques while post-test result showed that all participants (100%) were now practically confident on the application of acquired skills in their own farm.

Out of 1,896 fruits plants distributed to these farmers, only about 123 plants (<7%) died, which indicated good success rate (>90%). Moreover, all orchard owners have integrated the vegetable cultivation with orchard so that land is optimally utilised and instant income is derived until major income from the fruit trees is realised.

This program is supported under the systematic training and orchard development program of the HRDP JICA Technical Cooperation Project.

Submitted by: Tshetim Tenzin, Research Officer (Horticulture) HRDP-JICA/ RDC Wengkhar 21June 2014

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