Farmers’ Field Day on demonstration of potential rice varieties in Bumthang

Farmers inspecting the crop in the field during the field day at Goling Kharsa
Farmers inspecting the crop during the field day at Goling Kharsa

Although Bumthang already grows rice variety called “Jakar Rey Naab”, research is underway to diversify and introduce three more varieties. Towards that, two-day farmers’ field days were conducted on 8 and 9 October 2015.

The field-day was mainly aimed towards demonstrating four potential high altitude rice varieties to the rice farmers of Chokhor geog in Bumthang.  Groups of farmers were taken to village called Goling Kharsa where on-farm high altitude rice variety trial is underway. They were were also taken to on-station trial at RDC Jakar farm.

Currently, rice variety called “Jakar Rey Naab” is the only variety grown by the farmers of Bumthang. This deprives the farmers of much choice when it comes to growing other varieties or they do not have other varietal choice. Therefore, to enhance the genetic base of rice varieties in the Dzongkhag, it is found crucial to conduct on-station and on-farm demonstration of other potential varieties.

With the changing weather pattern and increased level of diseases and pests, climate resilient varieties will have to be demonstrated and made available to the farmers. Hence, the two-day farmers’ field days were important in selecting three best performing varieties in addition to the existing Jakar ray Naap.

Among the demonstrated varieties, the farmers, during the field-day,selected additional varieties such as Khangma Maap, and two others from Jakar Rey Naab which have been tested for over 5-6 years by RDC Jakar.

The program was coordinated by RDC Jakar in collaboration with the Dzongkhag Agriculture sector, Bumthang and RDC Bajo.


-RDC Bajo, DoA

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