Farm Shop for Laya

Farm shop being inaugurated in Laya
Farm shop being inaugurated in Laya

January 8, Laya: A farm shop was inaugurated in Laya which will serve as market outlets for the RNR products, provide buyback guarantee and facilitate access to farm inputs and basic food and essential commodities to farming communities.

The shop has items worth of Nu. 69,000/-such as SK Gold Rice (100 bags), Local rice (400 kgs), Sherya soap (red & white), Sugar (10 bags) and Salt (6 bags) for sale. Other grocery items will be also made available shortly. On the opening day, the shop sold around Nu.6280/- worth of items.

Dasho Dzongrab, Gasa inaugurated the farm shop. In his opening remarks, Dasho highlighted the importance of setting up of shop in Laya by the government. He informed the people that besides benefits from grocery items, the community will have access to the farm inputs as well.

In addition, the community of Laya will have advance farm machicanisation services after arrival of power tillers to their door steps. This will help them in better production of millets and buckwheat to sell in urban market through the buyback facilities.

The inauguration was also attended by the officials from marketing office, machinery centre, FCB, sector heads, local leaders and farmers. During the vote of thanks, the Laya people expressed their happiness for having such shop in their community.

Including the Laya farm shop, there are 37 farm shops as of now. Nine farm shops are in the pipeline for inauguration including the one in Gangtey geog which will be opened on January 14. The marketing department has identified around 108 sites for farm shops.

-Compiled by Department of Agricultural Marketing and Cooperative



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