Farm Record and Book Keeping Training at Lhuntse

Trainees attending practical session
Trainees attending practical session

17 July, 2017- Lhuentse: A training on farm records and book keeping was organised by the Lhuentse Dzongkhag Livestock Office in close consultation with Regional Agriculture Marketing Cooperatives (RAMCO). The resource persons were from RAMCO and the training was funded by CARLEP project. The three day program started from 12 of July and successfully completed on 14 July 2017.

 Presently Minjey Dairy Group has a total of 25 household members and they collect about 150-180 litres of milk daily. The milk is then processed into cheese and butter and sold at Nu. 30 per ball of cheese and butter cost 270 per kilogram. They have small processing unit equipped with cream separator, cream churner and refrigerators. Cheese is made through artisanal method.

However, they have not availed any formal trainings on record and book keeping before. To get the insight idea of record and book keeping, all the 25 members were trained on these. This new knowledge will benefit in solving the problems that arises through poor record and book keeping.

During the three days program participants were engaged mostly with practical session backup by theory. Group work and discussion kept the participants active and interactive. “This training has made us understand the advantages and benefits” said Yangchen, the active participant.

In few weeks’ time the Minjey Dairy Group will begin to process unskimmed set yoghurt and focused market area are Phaling town dweller, civil servants of Lhuentse Dzongkhag Administration. The market strategy will cover and focus more on Autsho Satellite town, central schools and boarding schools. Livestock Production Officer said “all the basic equipment are ready with Dzongkhag Livestock Sector.”


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