Facilitating certification of agro-based CSI products

23-27 November, Tsirang: A workshop on ‘Developing draft Scheme of Testing and Inspection (STI)’ for products of Cottage and Small Industries (CSIs) is underway in Damphu. Representatives from the Queen’s Project Office, Department of Livestock, Department of Agriculture and BAFRA are attending it.

The workshop is aimed at drafting the technical STIs to certify food products as per the national standards: BTS 299:2020 Bhutan Standard for Butter, BTS 300:2020 Bhutan Standard for Datshi, BTS 301:2020 (IS 10484:1983) Bhutan Standard for Paneer, BTS 303:2020 Bhutan Standard for Buckwheat Flour a

nd BTS 304:2020 Bhutan Standard for Herbal Tea.

The draft STIs will be finalized in consultation with concerned representatives from food industries in the country. The STIs will serve as a basis for the standard implementation by the CSIs for self-monitoring and internal controls. BAFRA will also carry out inspection, testing and certification as per the STI following the certification procedures of ISO/IEC 17065:2012 (Conformity assessment-Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services).

The workshop is being organized by BAFRA as a part of initiatives towards achieving Domain 5 of CSI Flagship Program: MARKET ACCESS for agro-based CSI products through standardization, testing and certification.


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