Experts meet for National Water Symposium

_50X2509May 10-12, Thimphu: Sixty experts have gathered for the National Water Symposium to discuss water resources in Bhutan and ensure its efficient management.

The Hon’ble Lyonchhoen Tshering Tobgay graced the opening of the symposium. Addressing the participants, he shared that managing water resources is one of the important flagship projects prirotised in the 12th FYP. He urged them to focus on how to supply adequate water to the households and how to conserve water. He also urged them to come up with a proper measure to mange water resources in the country.

According to a spokesperson, Bhutan is blessed with rich water resources and the highest per capita of water availability is 109,000 cubic metres, yet water is a concern in country’s some of the areas. Further, the country’s mountain ecosystem is becoming more vulnerable to the increasing threats from climate change. As such, the symposium is timely to identify areas for cooperation to ensure that water resources are sustainably managed.

In addition, the symposium will prioritise and streamline research areas and cross-sectoral plan for water management which will be incorporated in the 12th FYP. It will also help to assess how adequately Bhutan has been addressing the water issues in the 11th FYP.

The Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Conservation and Environmental Research and National Environment Commission Secretariat is organising the symposium with fund from WWF and USAIDS. The first Bhutan Water seminar was conducted in 2011.


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