Executive order on paperless office operations

In line with the directives of the Royal Government of Bhutan towards going paperless operation in the government offices and as per the decision of the 76th RNR GNH Committee meeting held on 30th August, 2016 at MoAF Conference Hall, it is hereby notified that the following list of activities towards going paperless should be implemented with immediate effect.

List of Activities for paperless office operations;

  1. Print only one original copy (Print only one original copy of the finalized document to be filed in the master file and scanned copies to be circulated via email)
  2. Reuse what you can (Use paper that has printing on only one side in a designated draft copier or printer)
  3. Print on both sides of paper (Print documents on both sides of paper and set duplex printing as default)
  4. Install network printers (Discourage the use of individual printers and setup network printers)
  5. Discourage the use of fax sending letters/documents (Scan letters/documents and send via emails)
  6. Google apps should be used as a tool for paperless operation. Departments/ Agencies requiring additional google apps account should get in touch with ICS.
  7. Any requirement for refresher course on google apps should submit their requirement to ICS.

Although going paperless is a long-term goal, all Departments/ Agencies are directed to start implementing the above listed activities as a first step towards going paperless. This is circulated for your kind information and compliance.

Please click here for executive order

-Hon’ble Secretary, MoAF

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