Executive Order

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests will be implementing 1 Window Bill Payment from the Administration and Finance Division with effect from 1 December 2016 to fulfill the following objectives:

  1. To create a responsive customer service;
  2. To boost efficiency;
  3. To establish accountability;
  4. To set trends in delivery of services;
  5. To contribute to promoting “rule of law”

Initially, the 1 Window Bill Payment counter will cater to a single source payment of bills pertaining to goods, services and works which is centrally executed.

The essence of the system is that the supplier has to visit only a single point of contact for submission of bills and receiving of payment thereby eliminating the need for suppliers to run from pillar to post, reducing the interface among suppliers and clients and brining about transparency and accountability.

The system will also provide for a mechanism to re-dress grievances on non-payment of bills as per the service standards set for and by the MoAF. More importantly, the system will ensure efficient delivery of services at the minimum cost.

In this regard, all the Departments/ Agencies are hereby directed to direct the suppliers/ consultants/ contractors to submit the bills/ adjustments bills to 1WBP counter and collect the payment from the same counter. Similarly all the Departments/ Agencies are directed to abide by the Service Standard and check list which is attached for strict compliance.


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-Secretary, MoAF


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