Executive Order

Vaccination in livestock is the best tool in protecting animal health and public health, ensure better animal production, protect humans from zoonoses and reduce the need for antibiotics to treat animals. Besides, vaccines are environmentally friendly and sustainable to manage livestock health. Recognizing these benefits of livestock vaccination in prevention and control of livestock diseases, the Department of Livestock hereby approve the use of animal vaccines as public good. Therefore, all livestock and poultry vaccines in the national vaccination schedule should be provided free of cost to the clients. The vaccines in the national vaccination schedule includes:

  1. Foot and Mouth disease
  2. Haemorrhagic Septicemia
  3. Black Quarter
  4. Anthrax
  5. Classical Swine Fever
  6. Peste des petits ruminant
  7. Infectious Bursal disease
  8. New Castle disease
  9. Fowl pox
  10. Marek’s disease
  11. Rabies

However, the vaccines not included in the national livestock vaccination schedule shall continue to be provided on cost sharing basis to the clients. This executive order is issued in concurrence to the resolution of the National Livestock Workshop, May 2016.



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