Egg is now affordable

Thimphu Retailers help to bring down the egg price. You can buy eggs at Nu.260/tray from these shops. The YBC- Youth Cooperative has taken the initiative to market the egg at cheaper price for the benefit of the general consumers.

If you are looking for affordable eggs please visit these shops.  Please inform YBC-Office if you are paying higher than Nu.260/tray from these shops. @ 17667628, 17631374: Please Note: eggs become out of stock sometimes as it is much cheaper than other shops.

Sl NoName of ShopLocation/Thimphu
1Kamala TshongkhangBabesa
2Unit MartOlakha
3Dhusel EnterpriseChangjalu
4Sweety General ShopChangjalu
5Kuenchap TshongkhangChangjalu
7Tshering Wangmo TshongkhangChangjalu
8Bjabryanbond TshongkhangChangbangdu
9Sangphel TshongkhangChangzamtok
10Om GroceryChangzamtok
11Lhamo TshongkhangHongkong Market
12Phendey TshongkhangHongkong Market
13Lhaden TshongkhangHongkong Market
14Kalden TshongkhangNPPF Colony
15Penjorling General ShopChanggangkha
16Hati TshongkhangLower Market( Sabzi Bazar)
17ButhiLower Market( Sabzi Bazar)
18TT TshongkhangLower Market( Sabzi Bazar)
19Tashi Wangdi TshongkhangLower Market( Sabzi Bazar)
20Tandin TshongkhangLower Market( Sabzi Bazar)
21DKC TshongkhangLower Market( Sabzi Bazar)
22Sonam StoreLower Market( Sabzi Bazar)
23Fhola TshongkhangLower Market( Sabzi Bazar)
24Pee Kay Bee TshongkhangLower Market( Sabzi Bazar)
25KCJLower Market( Sabzi Bazar)
26Tashi Yeber TshongkhangMotithang
27KW one stop shopTaba
28TDD TshongkhangTaba

Egg is also sold from open auction house near the CFM market shed, right near the bridge.

Source: YBC- Thimphu, 17667628:

Collected by: Tshewang Tashi, DoL

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