Drone demonstration to enhance the National Forest Monitoring System

25-27 November, Haa: Nineteen foresters from functional and field divisions under the forestry department and 2 officials from WWF Bhutan are attending the capacity building program on how a drone can be effectively used for monitoring of forest and wildlife habitat.

The program is mainly focused on the demonstration of drone operation and post-processing of data captured by drones to be used for monitoring and planning.

Forest Resources Management Division is orgainisng the program with funds from WWF Bhutan and a resource person from UWICER.

In the last decade, the unmanned aerial system popularly known as drones have been the subject of growing interest in both the civilian and scientific sphere and has indeed taken the remote sensing technology to a greater height for the study of the environment. As drones offer a relatively risk-free and low-cost technology to systematically observe natural phenomena at a high Spatio-temporal resolution, its utility for forest and wildlife monitoring has gained tremendous popularity.

 Forest Resources Management Division

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