DoFPS Launches Three Important Publications to Celebrate 108th National Day

To commemorate the 108th National Day, the Department of Forests & Park Services (DoFPS), Ministry of Agriculture & Forests is launching following three publications.

The first book on – Protected Areas of Bhutan – the book covers information on five National Parks, four Wildlife Sanctuaries, one Strict Nature Reserve and the Biological Corridors. The book provides an overview of Bhutan’s Protected Areas, species richness, cultural diversity and livelihoods of communities living in the protected areas; potential areas of eco-tourism and biological research and challenges faced by the park mangers and rangers in adopting higher standards of effective management.

Guidelines on: Development of Nature Recreational Areas in Bhutan and Eco-Design Park Infrastructure, Signage and Landscaping Manual.

The guidelines are intended to be vital tools for planners and managers in the establishment of unvarying recreational areas in the parks and protected areas across the country.


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