DoA website launched

10 June, Thimphu: The Department of Agriculture (DoA) launched its website today in a simple ceremony. As the largest and the oldest technical department in the country, the department felt it only fitting to have a separate website, in particular to provide easy and rapid access to the wide range of services it provides.

Besides the comprehensive information contained, the site is also expected to serve as an online repository hosting a series of publications that include advisory materials as well as legal and policy instruments associated with agriculture sector. It will also facilitate the effective functioning of the “agromet decision support system” the department is setting up. The webpage offers links to all major agencies within the department.

Speaking at the launch, the DoA Director, Kinlay Tshering recalled the significance of such platforms in not only serving as a singular all-encompassing medium in furthering agriculture services but also in bringing together and strengthening all agencies within the department in its common pursuit of agriculture development.

The occasion also marked the launch of the site for the Bhutanese Journal of Agriculture (BJA). Founded in 2017, the BJA is published by the Agriculture Research and Extension Division (ARED) of the department to provide a coherent mechanism through which appropriate technologies, information and knowledge in the agriculture sector can be generated and made available. The journal focuses on original and innovative scientific research, and strives to bring together researchers, academics and professionals alike in addressing issues in sustainable agriculture development that include cross-cutting themes like agronomy, markets, biodiversity, water management, soils, farming systems and aspects of climate change.

The DoA is now confident that with a separate functional website, the BJA can now fulfill its requirement of an online open access publication with a separate digital object identifier allotted.

The Director thanked everyone involved including the developers as well as the Food Security and Agriculture Productivity Project for financial support. The department also acknowledges the goodwill extended and consideration made by the Department of Information Technology and Telecom, Ministry of Information & Communications in the process of developing the page. The division chiefs, program directors, specialists and senior officials from the department attended the occasion.


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