Developing competency-based framework for Livestock Production Officers

8-11 May, Paro-The Department of Livestock under the directives of Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) is conducting four days consultation workshop to develop competency-based framework for Livestock Production Officers (LPOs).

Competency-based Framework (CBF), an initiative of RCSC organised in collaboration with Singapore Polytechnic and Temasek Foundation International, Singapore will institute a structured approach for capacity development of public servants. It is aimed to identify skill needs of employees, assist continuous development and professionalise the public servants to deliver responsibilities effectively and efficiently.

During the workshop, participants consisting of LPOs, Dzongkhag Livestock Officers and farm managers from western field offices will identify key roles of LPOs and develop detailed competency areas in order to address the performance gaps and cater training needs and enhance their capacity and efficiency. The framework developed will be further validated with other field offices for finalisation.

The workshop is being organised with fund support from RCSC.

-Department of Livestock

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