Dairy Groups from Mongar attend Napier Grass Silage making training

Chopping & filling the chopped green grass in plastic bags
Chopping & filling the chopped green grass in plastic bags

November 2- 7, Mongar: About forty dairy farmers who are members of dairy groups from Mongar geog attended a week long training on Napier grass silage making in plastic bags at Patpari jointly organised by the National Centre for Animal Nutrition (NCAN), Bumthang with Mongar Dzongkhag and RLDC, Kanglung.

The main objectives of the training was to build basic skills and create awareness on importance of making green fodder silage among dairy groups. During hands on training, 3000 kgs of green fodder silage in plastic bags was produced from Napier grass and distributed to participants at free of cost as a part of promotional program to encourage them feeding their dairy cows.

With the completion of training, dairy farmers are emboldened to try for Napier grass plantation in their respective field and apply their skills gained during the training to make silage to address winter fodder shortage during lean season. The silage making in plastic bag is one of the convenient fodder conservation technologies promoted by NCAN to help dairy farmers in Bhutan to sustain dairy farming by managing fodder shortage problem.


NCAN, Bumthang


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