Daily Auction Details for Ophiocordyceps (2014 Season)

The Ophiocordyceps auctioning for the 2014 season in the country has started on 10 July, 2014 in Paro dzongkhag and will conclude on 3 August, 2014 in Lhuentse Dzongkhag. As in the previous year, the respective geog administration is taking the lead in conducting the auctions. Officials from Park/Territorial division, Dzongkhag Administration, Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority and DAMC facilitate and support the concerned geog administration in the auctioning process.

** The no. of participants may represent the number of households only since 3 collection permits are issued per household. Only a member of the household may represent at the auction on behalf of the collectors.

Ophiocordyceps Auction Details for the 2014 Season
Date of AuctionPlace of AuctionPlace of Origin (Collectors’ Gewog)BiddersCollectorsAuction PriceTotal Quantity Auctioned (Kg.)Quantity withdrawn from Auction & to be taken to other Auction Sites /Sold Directly (kg.)
Total RegisteredNo. of Participants at auctionNo. of collection permit issuedNo. of participants at auction**Highest       (Nu. per Kg.)Lowest                     (Nu. per Kg.)
July 10Tsento Gewog Office, ParoSoe, Tsento & Dotey472527369648.000205.0003,0460
July 11Tsento Gewog Office, ParoSoe, Tsento & Dotey472584676.000215.0004,1691,135
July 13Dodena, ThimphuLingzhi4730253666.000301.00020,5660.328
July 14Gasa DzongLaya472040520855.000250.0002,8070
July 15GasaDzongKhatoe/Laya47203939870,000200,00011.49323.124
July 16DamjiKhamey/Lunana4730421891,326,000162,00014.0000
July 17DamjiKhamey/Lunana4718421871,150,000237,00032.4877.091
July 19DamjithangKashi471011283800,000222,00023.1200.175
July 20DangchuDangchu4713226911,100,000170,00080.32928.089
July 21GangteyGangtey472157537510004000049.36310.589
July 22SephuSephu472158015677000026800080.6057.578
July 23SephuSephu471558093890000151000133.28110.219
July 25ChoekhorChoekhor,Chumey & Tang4712839438108100027200010.9920
July 26ChoekhorChoekhor,Chumey & Tang4715839200752,000275,00043.64623.389
July 28Bomdelling Park OfficeKhoma47614373195,000112,00012.0870
July 30Bomdelling Park OfficeKhoma47522132,01,200720000.4710

** The no. of participants may representthe number of households only, since 3 collection permits are issued per household. Only a memberof the household may representat the auction on behalf of the collectors.

Note: DAMC does not have direct access to the auction data. Hence, other details like average price, total revenue and royalty collection will be updated after necessary compilation and upon receipt from the respective Gewogs, BAFRA and DoFPS.

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