Critically Endangered Chinese Pangolin rescued and released into its natural habitat in Tsirang

1The forestry staff of Tsirang Forest Division recently rescued a critically endangered female Chinese pangolin. Upon receipt of information it had an injury, a team of forestry staff rushed to the site wherein the Pangolin had been brought to the Division Forest Office compound for further treatment and monitoring. According to Mr. Kinley, Sr. Forest Ranger who led the team said “The injured pangolin has been found in its defensive (rolled) position which is a normal habit when it comes across other creatures”. With the support of a local resident, the victim was brought to Damphu for treatment and management.

Of the eight species of pangolin occurring globally, four species are seen in Asia whereby Bhutan harbours a good habitat for Chinese and Indian pangolins. Chinese Pangolin is reported from Bhutan, China, Hong Kong, India, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Myanmar, Nepal, Taiwan, Province of China, Thailand and Vietnam. However, as per the International Union for Conservation of Nature its population is in drastic decline as a result of poaching and illegal trade.

The Chief Forestry Officer said “As we are sighting and reporting this species in the Tsirang Forest Divisional jurisdictional for the first time, we have plans to initiate conservation activities to ensure survival of the critically endangered Manis pentadactyla. Immediately, a habitat modelling will be done to confirm its habitat range within the State reserved forest in Tsirang to initiate a study on its distribution within the Dzongkhag”. Conservation awareness and strict patrolling will be carried out as normally done to conserve other species and natural resources.

With a minor injury on her head she has been treated at Damphu Veterinary Hospital. After treatment and recovery she was then released to the natural habitat.

– Reported by Tsirang Forest Division

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