Coordination Meeting between the Management of SWS and TTFD on Joint Anti-poaching Programs etc.

The meeting was chaired by Chief Forestry Officer of TTFD and SWS and attended by the staff of both office
The meeting was chaired by the Chief Forestry Officer of TTFD and SWS and attended by the staff of both office

12 June, 2017: A coordination meeting between the Management of Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary (SWS) and Trashigang Territorial Forest Division (TTFD) on developing joint anti-poaching programs and other common issues was conducted on 8/6/2017 at the Conference Hall of Divisional Office, Trashigang.

Poaching of wildlife and illegal logging have always been the biggest challenges for both organisations. As of today, the Park and Territorial Division were functioning separately without much collaboration in terms of implementing activities. In such scenario, it has created a gap in information sharing regarding intelligence network and poaching in the locality thus providing conducive conditions for clandestine activities by the people. To bridge this gap, the management of SWS and TTDF has initiated joint anti-poaching programs. In the meeting, the work plan for the joint ant-poaching program was prepared and both organizations agreed to conduct joint patrolling along the borders of SWS and TTFD at least twice a year.

Other issues like well defined boundary of park and divisions, joint verification of rural timber utilization and a proposal for joint publication of one book on flora and faunal diversity of Trashigang dzongkhag were also discussed during the meeting.

As the meeting was first of its kind between the TTFD and SWS, it is expected to strengthen their relationship which is vital for smooth implementation of future activities.

The meeting was funded by WWF Bhutan.


– Reported by SWS

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