Consultative Workshop to adopt Livestock Feed Standard in Bhutan

Untitled14th March, Phuntsholing: The consultative workshop to set and adopt livestock feed standard in Bhutan was held on March 14. For the first time, technical department, regulatory agencies (DRA & BAFRA), private feed millers and suppliers came together to discuss and agree on the nutrient requirement standard including use or non-use of antimicrobial in livestock and poultry feeds.

The availability of quality feed plays a crucial role on the production motion of pulsating livestock production and hence, the performance of livestock based industry depends on healthy feed milling industry. Further, the sustainability of feed industry is also directly reliant to livestock production. Therefore, it is indispensible to have standards for the production of uniform livestock and poultry feeds in Bhutan.

Previously, the country did not have any set livestock feed standard to regulate livestock feed production and this has led to production and import of substandard livestock feed in the country. Additionally with the growing demand of livestock products in the country, it is expected to increase feed requirement to sustain livestock production.

Therefore with the adoption of minimum nutrient standard requirement for all categories of animal feed, it is expected to set mechanism for monitoring both domestically produced and imported livestock feeds and maintain feed quality to promote sustainable livestock and feed milling industries in the country.


-Reported by Wangchuk, NCAN Bumthang

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