Consultative meeting on Community Organic Seed Production


December 11, Gasa: For the first time in the country, the organic seed production will soon begin this year from Gasa. Initially, the seed production will be done for few selected vegetables and cereals at Khatoe and Khamae gewogs.

Gasa is the first Dzongkhag in the country to declare to go fully organic. The organic seed production is being initiated by National Organic Programme (NOP) and Gasa Dzongkhag in the 12th FYP. This initiative will make the organic seeds available for the organic operators in the future and enhance the authenticity of the organic produce ultimately boosting the organic agriculture development in the country.

To discuss further, a one-day consultative meeting was conducted at Gasa between the Gasa Dzongkhag Agriculture Sector, extension agents, chiwog tshogpas, farmers and officials from NOP. They discussed about the organic seed production and develop the work plan between Dzongkhag, NOP and farmers.

Submitted by NOP, ARDC-Yusipang

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