Consultation meeting on Highland Development Flagship Program


December 21-22, Paro: Participants from various stakeholders such as MoAF, MoH, MoE, MoIC, MoHCA, MoWHS, NLC and TCB are attending the 2nd multi-sector consultation meeting on Highland Development Flagship Program for 12th FYP. They will address the multi-dimensional characteristics of highland encompassing economy, environment, culture and tradition and security calls to ensure effective and efficient service delivery.

It is being organised by the Policy and Planning Division and the Department of Livestock in consultation with the Gross National Happiness Commission.

The flagship program will stand over and above the normal developmental programs in the 12th FYP highlands to produce significant effects in highland. The overall flagship fund of Nu.15 billion has been committed by RGoB.


Reported by Towchu Rabgay, Department of Livestock

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