Community Forest Management Group from Bumthang and Thimphu contributes to COVID-19 Response Fund

9 April 2020, Thimphu: Five Community Forest Management Groups (CFMG) from Bumthang and one from Thimphu contributed a total amount of Nu. 1.050 million to the COVID-19 Response Fund. The amount in cash was handed over to the Hon’ble Prime Minister on 9th April 2020 by the representative of the following CFMGs:

  1. DomkharLhendup Choling CF, Chumey Gewog- Nu. 300,000
  2. Namdrupcholing CF, Chumey Gewog- Nu, 300,000
  3. Nangar Chithuen CF, Chumey Gewog- Nu. 150,000
  4. Bethang Phenday CF, Chumey Gewog- Nu. 100,000
  5. Zung- Ngae Dhendupcholing CF, Chumey Gewog- Nu. 100,000
  6. TashiYangyel CF, Geney Gewog, Thimphu- Nu. 100,000

The CFMGs have generated these fund mostly from sale of surplus timber and other forests produce.

Most CFMGs in the country have benefited by the CF program through various means such as, loan schemes (low interest rate ranging from 4-8% per annum), Payment for Environment Service, sale of timber and other produce, easy access to resources, etc. CF program has also benefited the disadvantaged groups through pro-poor initiatives and free supply of forest produce, interest free loans, and being inclusive program. The CFMGs are functioning effectively because the CF program empowers the group to manage forest resources sustainably for socio-economic and environmental benefits.

The CFMG fund also supports local development activities such as renovation of community Lhakhang, irrigation channels, roads and sponsor conducting religious/ritual ceremony. CF program has also contributed to build the social cohesion and enhance governance of the groups.

One representative of the CFMG expressed that though the amount they are contributing isn’t huge, as saying goes “Little drops of water makes the mighty ocean” the little amount being contributed is to show their solidarity to TSA WA SUM in such difficult times.


Submitted by Social Forests and Extension Division, DoFPS with Photo by Choidup Zangpo, ICTD, DoS

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