Commemorative plantation to be held in Tsirang

The Tsirang Forest Division in collaboration with the Dzongkhag Administration will be carrying out commemorative plantation coinciding with the Social Forestry Day celebration on June 2. The Division will be establishing commemorative plantation in an area covering 9.8 acres above the National Football Stadium, Damphu basically to convert the degraded forest into manmade high value forests by planting local valuable species like Champ for meeting the future timber requirements.

The Veteran Lam Neten, Tsirang Dratsang has kindly agreed to grace the occasion as the Chief Guest. Dasho Drangpon, Dasho Dzongrab, the sector heads from Tsirang, representatives from different regional offices, principals, students, Gup, Magmi and tshogpa of the neighbouring geogs and the staff of the Forestry Department will take part in the tree planting activities.

The celebration is organised as a part of the 60th Birth Anniversary Celebration of His Majesty The 4th Druk Gyalpo. The Division would like to dedicate this plantation for the long life of His Majesty The 4th Druk Gyalpo under whose leadership Bhutan has gain world recognition in the field of environment conservation.

Besides, the Division will be also carrying out the PHPA funded compensatory afforestation  in barren and degraded areas covering 98.8 acres each  in Tsirang and Dagana with the objectives to compensate the loss of prime forest due to various activities in fragile hill slope and protect and rehabilitate degraded and denuded areas. This will also help to combat soil erosion and landslips in the lower valley by means of plantation and land management and plant valuable species in inferior forests for meeting the timber requirements for construction and renovation of Lhakhangs, Dzongs and monasteries.

These various plantations will go a long way in sustainable management of natural resources in time to come. The Tsirang Forest Division would like to welcome all those interested to join celebration and tree planting on the day.

Submitted by K.N Ghimeray, Sr. Forestry Officer, Tsirang Forest Division


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