CNR Summer School 2018 (re-announcement)

When should a farmer purchase or better lease a powertiller? What is the profitability of building a new greenhouse? How does this thing called “depreciation” really work? How can we estimate the value of a cardamom orchard and what is the value of insects’ pollination services? And what about the government intervening in markets? Should we subsidize farmers for reasons of food self-sufficiency? And is landscape preservation another valid argument? Maybe tourists are willing to pay for it?

So many questions – and one summer school tackling these issues! To learn more about the foundations and methods of agricultural economics relevant to the issues above, register now for the 2018 CNR summer school! The summer school takes place on the CNR Lobesa campus from 02nd of July to 20th of July 2018 and consists of three week-long workshops:

Workshop 1    //  Analysis of agricultural policy scenarios in Bhutan       //   02.7 – 06.7.2018

Workshop 2   //   Principles of farm economics and resource planning  //    09.7 – 13.7.2018

Workshop 3   //   Environmental economics in the context of Bhutan    //     16.7 – 20.7.2018

Workshop 2 and 3 will include one-day field excursions to visit farmers and to learn from them first-hand. Interested participants can either attend selected workshops or all three. Participation comes at no cost and the registration deadline is June 8th 2018.

The 2018 CNR summer school is sponsored by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and lecturers are professors from Humboldt-University of Berlin and University of Hohenheim (both Germany) as well as from University of Reading, UK. For more information please refer to the attached program.

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