Climate change adaptation training workshop in Wangchuck Centennial National Park

Untitled6-10 July, Bumthang: The management of Wangchuck Centennial National Park (WCNP) is conducting five days climate adaptation training course for 36 participants. The participants include, park staff, health officials, local community leaders, school teachers and extension supervisors residing within the park. The training program is with response to the climate change vulnerability assessment conducted in 2012 with WWF Bhutan and the priority of the park conservation management plan which indicated the need of building local capacity to adapt to changing climate in the park.

During the five days training workshop, the participants will learn how a changing climate affects conservation and development goals now and in the future. The concepts of climate variability, vulnerability, impacts, adaptation, how adaptation differs from current work and what it has in common will also be discussed. It will make participants aware of the importance of integrating people, species, and ecosystems into our work and be familiar with vulnerability assessment in climate adaptation and mitigation work at appropriate scales and timeframes.

The training is being conducted with the technical expertise from WWF Bhutan and with financial support from WWF Asian High Mountain Program.


Reported by Tenzin, WCNP, Bumthang


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