Clarification Re: Educated Geog Power Tiller Operators

This is to kindly inform and clarify all the concern individuals on the recruitment of educated Geog power tiller operators. Accordingly we requested to all Dzongkhag to nominate the candidate based on certain criteria required by the Ministry of Labor and Human Resources. The request was made keeping in view of following plans and reasons;

  1. The FMCL was longing for the support and was lucky to get the funding from the labor ministry in recruiting the operators. To avail the support and help from the ministry, we are to abide their conditions: the class ten pass certificate, date of birth 1989 or younger.

  1. The recruitment of educated power tiller operator was preplanned with the inception of FMCL as state own enterprise under Ministry of Finance basically to take full responsibility of geog power tiller hiring services and to help the suppressing schedule of the extension officers in recording, maintaining the book of account, basic repairing and maintaining . Further, the issue of non-availability of permanent operator was raised by almost all the extension officers for not being able to deliver efficient hiring services to the farming communities.

  1. With the additional distribution of power tillers by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forest, the work load of the extension officer was foreseen to increase for which the existing uneducated power tiller wouldn’t be able to back up for efficient services.

  1. Knowing the fact that the new recruits will not have technical and other skills, the training will be conducted to all new recruits in collaboration with AMC for a period of one month. The management has already identified six training sites in the different parts of the country. The training course will contain basic maintenance and operation of power tiller, record keeping and maintaining book of account etc.

  1. The FMCL has planned to establish Farm Machinery Service Center (FMSC) by employing the present educated operators to disseminate all sort of farm mechanization services within the geogs.

Therefore, the management of FMCL would like to sincerely request the D`ongkhag and Geog Administration to kindly support us in identifying the candidates to realise the aforementioned vision and until the capacity of FMCL reaches to take up the activity independently.

-FMCL Management

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