Clarification for “Supply of Equipment for Farm Shops in Bhutan”


Question 1 (in substance): Do you have any particular design photograph?
Answer 1: No photograph can be provided, for it would potentially induce tenderers to offer a specific brand.


Question 2 (in substance): Is the VP equipment filling as well as sealing?

Answer 2: The Vacuum Packing machine need not do filling function. The products to be vacuum packed will be filled manually.


Question 3: If film roll is to be used, is there any particular width size, or pre-bag to be used?
Answer 3: The packaging volume gives indications on the size of the device and the matching size of  plastic packing bags. The size may differ as per the requirement but this equipment should at most pack 25-30 kg (for instance of the volume of rice).



– MoAF



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