Chumigna Garden

A giant portrait of His Majesty The King visible to all those who enter the Haa valley giving them a sense of devotion and strength is the central feature of the Chumigna Garden (Spring Garden).

The iconic landmark is one of the major sites out of four for the virtual 6th Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition. It is located between the scared Lhakhang Karpo and the historic Wangchuk Lo Dzong under Eusu gewog.

There is one small perennial spring water sprouting at the site which the locals believe to be a limb of a mythical lake on a mountain top.

The garden also features a gazebo with a sitting arrangement for visitors to enjoy a serene view. Besides, a 1 km nature trail connecting the garden and the Lhakhang Karpo was repaired as a part of the exhibition.

According to Desuup Sonam Pelden, the area around the portrait was completely fallow earlier. Haa Desuups started developing the site in August 2019 preserving the natural look of the landscape.

Root balled trees and plant species such as bamboo, Betula, blue pine, spruce and juniper were planted to beautify the area along with flower species such as wild iris, clematis, wild primula, foxgloves and honeysuckle, all native to Haa.

The garden will be managed by Haa Desuups for sustainability. There are 298 Desuups in Haa as of August 2020.

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