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  • Tender for development of Online Forestry Services (OFS)

    The Forest Protection & Enforcement Division, DoFPS, MoAF would like to invite eligible consulting firms to indicate their interest in providing the services.

     The CQS (Consultants’ Qualifications based Selection) method will be used for the selection of the firm as per the World Bank’s New Procurement Framework for IPF Borrowers, July 2016, Revised August 2018 available at www.worldbank.org/procure. The selected consultancy firm should complete the assignment and submit the deliverables within a period of six (6) months.

    The Request for Proposal (RFP) are to be submitted in Hard copy or email. A bid should comprise Technical proposal. RFP must be delivered by 17:00 hours of 2nd June of 2021 to the following address:

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  • Invitation for Quotation through Shopping

    Interested bidder are invited to submit your priced bid for the supply of the following items:

    1. Male Thread Adapter: 1.00’’, 2 nos
    2. Female Thread Adapter: 1.00”, 2 nos
    3. Bore well Pump; 1.5 hp, 1’’, 100m head approx, delivery size; 23mm
    4. Starter/ control panel for bore well pump 1.5hp with automatic control arrangement (Automatic Water Level Controller and Indicator for Bore Well Motor Tank Support DOL Starters); 1 no
    5. TRS flat copper cable, 3 core, 1.5 sq mm, 100 m
    6. TRS copper cable, 2 core, 1.5 sq mm, 50m
    7. MCB(DP), 16 amp; 1 no
    8. Wire rope: 6 sq mm; 100m
    9. Rope clamp ( U clamp) for 6 sq mm rope; 6 nos
    10. UPVC pipe- 1.0’’; 400 ft
    11. UPVC socket, 1.0’’, 40 nos
    12. UPVC bend(elbow), 1.0’’; 6nos
    13. UPVC ‘T’ 1.0’’ x 1.0’’; 2 nos
    14. Sealing tube;200gms

    Please click here for details

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  • Tender for the Sale of Fresh Milk

    Regional Cattle Breeding Centre, Department of Livestock, Bumthang invited the Sealed tenders from the interested /individual/firm for the sale of fresh milk on a contract basis for the stipulated period as detailed below:

    Sl NoName of the Work/ContractStart Date for Sale of Tender DocumentsLast date & Time for submission of Tender DocumentsOpening of Tender DocumentsPeriod
    01Sale of Fresh Milk17/05/2021 from Dairy Section, RCBC, Batpalathang16/06/2021,
    Before 12.00 PM at RCBC, Batpalathang
    2.30 pm at RCBC Conference Hall, Batpalathang
    One Year (till 30/06/2022)
    1. Bidding documents can be purchased from the Dairy Section, RCBC, Batpalathang at a non-refundable fee of Nu 300/- during office hours.
    2. The bidder must possess a valid Trade License, Tax Clearance Certificate, Food Handler Certificate issued by BAFRA and identified proper sale counter/processing unit certified by BAFRA.
    3. The bid should be accompanied by 2% Earnest Money Deposit amounting of Nu 50’000/- (Ngultrums Fifty Thousand only) in the form of cash warrant/Demand Draft or Bank Guarantee from any financial institution in favour of Farm Manager, RCBC, Batpalathang.

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  • Tender at FRMD

    Sealed bids/quotations are invited from eligible firms for the supply of the following items to the Forest Resources Management Division (FRMD) under the Department of Forests and Park Services, Thimphu under REDD+ Project Funding of World Bank.

    1. Increment borer
    2. Aluminum Nails
    3. GPS Batteries (Rechargeable lithium battery with charger)
    4. Batteries for metal detector (100 sets)

    The bids must be submitted before 10 AM on April 28, 2021 and the bids will be opened on the same day at 10:30 AM. The tender documents can be collected from the Forest Resources Management Division during Office hours or can be downloaded from www.dofps.gov.bt and www.moaf.gov.bt.

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  • Tender Call for Development of Veterinary Information System Database

    The National Centre for Animal Health, Serbithang, Thimphu would like to invite eligible IT firms to submit bids for the development of the Veterinary Information System (VIS) before 11; 00 am 21st April 2021 through e-GP.

    e-GP Tender IDName of tenderProject durationSubmission time
    Tender ID: 8077Development of Veterinary Information System (VIS) database3 months21-Apr-2021 11:00 Hours

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