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  • Office Order on Pay Fixation Officer

    In pursuant to the Pay Fixation Order no. MOF. DNB/Rules-2/2014-15/021 dated 16July 2014 and subsequent instruction mentioned under serial no. 1 of SCHEDULE II of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests hereby designte the Pay Fixation Officer as below specifically for the purpose of pay fixation of revised ‘Civil Service Pay Scale 2014’;

    1. Head of Department shall be Pay Fixation Officer (PFO). They may designate suitable officer as PFO.
    2. Chief AFD, Thimphu shall be PFO for the agencies whose LC account is maintained with the AFD, Thimphu
    3. PFO for Centre/Field Offices whose LC is maintained within their offices shall be head/incharge of the same office
    4. The Controlling/Disbursing officer shall be Adm/Accounts Officer/Accountant of the concerned offices

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  • Indian Ambassador pays Farewell Visit to the Agriculture Minister

    Outgoing Indian Ambassador to Bhutan His Excellency V.P haran with Hon'ble Sanam Lyonpo Yeshey Dorji
    Outgoing Indian Ambassador to Bhutan His Excellency V.P haran with Hon’ble Sanam Lyonpo Yeshey Dorji

    16 July, Thimphu: The outgoing Indian Ambassador to Bhutan, His Excellency V.P. Haran called on the Agriculture Minister, Yeshey Dorji, today. Their Excellencies talked on the impacts of irrigation, electric fencing, farm roads and picking up of goat farming in the country. They also shared the Ministry’s initiative of bringing the fallow lands under cultivation.

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  • Nomination for Royal Civil Service Award 2014

    In pursuance to the Royal Civil Service Commission letter no. RCSC/PPD-39/2014/35 dated July 2014, regarding implementation of Royal Civil Service Award, the Ministry is in receipt of list of eligible civil servants from the RCSC as per the annexure (Download File Here) below;

    •  Annexure II (superannuated/superannuating from July 1, 2013 to Dec 16, 2014)
    •  Annexure III (Superannuated in the past 25 years)
    •  Annexure IV (30 years above -as of 30 June 2014)
    •  Annexure V (20 years above-as of 30 June 2014)
    •  Annexure VI (10 Years above-as of 30 June 2014)
    •  Annexure VII (missed out list in 2013 RCSA)

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  • Technical Visit to MoAF by Malaysian Delegation

    The Delegation with Hon'ble MoAF Secretary
    The Delegation with Hon’ble MoAF Secretary

    July1-2, 2014, Thimphu: Seven member delegates from Malaysia representing the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Centre of Excellence for Biodiversity Law and Forest Resource Institute of Malaysia visited Bhutan’s Ministry of Agriculture and Forests from 1-2, July 2014. The visit was coordinated by the National Biodiversity Centre, Serbithang.

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