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  • Price list notification for onion and tomato


    In keeping with the containment of COVID-19 protocols and for the benefit of the public, the Ministry is facilitating FCBL to import onion and tomato through Samtse and Gelephu. In order to prevent exorbitant rates charged by wholesaler and retailers, it is recommended to apply the rates fixed by the Ministry, which has considered all related costs including operational cost, handling losses and overhead charges.

    The landed costs are subject to change based on the procurement rate and transportation cost. The wholesale and retail price can be accordingly revised by Dzongkhag Agriculture Officers applying the same percent increment formula as in the attached sheet.

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  • Update on import of onions and tomatoes

    In view of the high demand from the general public, the MoAF is facilitating the import of onions and tomatoes through the Food Corporation of Bhutan Limited (FCBL). The FCBL is importing these commodities from South India through Samtse and Gelephu.

    Between 5th and 9th September, FCBL had imported 45.650 metric tons of onions and 18.109 metric tons of tomatoes for distribution to Thimphu, Phuntsholing, Gelephu, Paro and Wangdiphodrang dzongkhag.

    A notification on the price of these commodities will be issued soon.

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  • MoAF hands over the vegetable services to CFM

    6 September, 2020: The MoAF vegetable team had taken over the services from the vendors at the CFM in Thimphu from 14 August so as to provide delivery services during the nation-wide lock-down. The sourcing team from the Department of Agriculture, receiving/sorting team from the Department of Agriculture Marketing and Cooperatives, delivery team from the Department of Forests and Park Services, supported by secretariat staff spared no efforts in fulfilling the mandated tasks, duly following COVID 19 containment protocols. With the easing of lockdown and as of today, the team is handing over the facilities to the vendors at the CFM.

    From 14 August to 6 September, the MoAF team had transacted vegetable sourcing and delivery to the tune of about Nu. 18 MN. Starting from today, the ministry will facilitate the sourcing of vegetables that are not available domestically (such as onions and tomatoes) in collaboration with the Food Corporation of Bhutan Limited. Please accept our apologies if there were any shortcomings in our delivery services. Our thanks to the vegetable sourcing team at Damchu, RAMCO at Gelephu and Mongar and all other stakeholders like DeSuups and volunteers. We owe our heartfelt gratitude to His Majesty The King for the Royal guidance and support to the team. 

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  • Update on vegetables delivered on 31 August

     As we clock into the 21st day of lockdown, our team started with the ritual of delivering 127 crates of pears (2.54 tons) and 186 bundles of spinach to all the shops in the zones. This was followed by a day long delivery of vegetables to 98 shops in all the zones. For tomorrow’s delivery, we have potatoes, large sized chilli, beans, fresh cabbage, brinjal, and cauliflower.

    Please place your order at 1009. While we try our best to sort the vegetables and deliver to shops, there have been complaints of low quality as well. We request you to return any low standard vegetables. We will be happy to replace them. Please insist on the cash memos, when your orders are being delivered.

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