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  • Expression of interest for Capturing Results on RRCDP

    1. The Policy & Planning Division under the Ministry of Agriculture & Forests, Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB) is currently in the process of undertaking the RRCDP project. The project is nearing completion and is required to prepare a report on the Project’s result framework and the Project’s Completion Report when the project closes.
    1. The primary objective of this consultancy is to collect project-specific data that is needed to report on the project’s results framework. The data collected through this consultancy will be subsequently utilized in preparing the Project’s Completion Report when the project closes.

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  • Bhutan RNR Statistics 2016

    The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests is pleased to publish Bhutan RNR Statistics 2016 which is the 4thedition of a series of such publications since year 2000. The publication brings together the relevant statistics in the domain of Renewable Natural Resources collected by various agencies within and outside the MoAF into a single compendium. The data presented are thoroughly harmonised, scrutinised and validated by the RNR Statistical Technical Working Committee on RNR Statistics and therefore are highly reliable for use as official statistics of the MoAF.

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  • EU Delegation calls on Hon’ble Agriculture Minister

    A50X1223August 16, Thimphu: The out-going Head of Cooperation (HoC), Dr Johann Hesse for Bhutan, EU Delegation, New Delhi, India and new HoC for Bhutan, Mr. Jerome PONS based in Bangkok, Thailand made a courtesy call to the Hon’ble Sanam Lyonpo, Yeshey Dorji.

    During the meeting, Lyonpo thanked Dr. Johann for his instrumental roles in enhancing relations between RGoB and particularly the Ministry and EU. He added that during his tenure as HoC, all the releases of tranches were received on time all because of the support of Dr. Johann and his colleagues in New Delhi. He also mentioned that the support provided by EU has been optimally and efficiently utilised by the Ministry for the intended purposes. Lyonpo extended his deepest gratitude to Dr Johann and wished him all the bests for his new place of work in Myanmar.

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  • CNR Summer School 2017

    When is it worthwhile building a new greenhouse? What is the most appropriate depreciation schedule for a powertiller? How can we estimate the value of a fruit orchard and what are the economic consequences of converting to organic apple production? Not to forget about the value of insects’ pollination services, have you ever thought of putting a price tag on bees? And what about the government intervening in markets? Should we subsidize farmers for reasons of food self-sufficiency? And is landscape preservation another valid argument? Maybe tourists are willing to pay for it?

    So many  questions – and one summer school tackling these issues! To learn more about the foundations and methods of agricultural economics relevant to the issues above, register now for the 2017 CNR summer school! The summer school takes place on the CNR Lobesa campus from 11th to 29th of September 2017and consists of three week-long workshops:

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  • Kyrgyz Republic Delegation on 3-Day Visit to Bhutan meets with MoAF Officials

    14 July 2017, Thimphu: The Krgyz Delegation Members led by Her Excellency Ms. Samargul Adamkulova, Ambassador of Kyrgyz to the Republic of India; Mr. Keshav Verma, Senior Advisor to the Global Snow Leopard Ecosystem Protection program (GSLEP); and Dr. Koustubh Sharma, International Coordinator, (GSLEP) Program are on an official three day visit to Bhutan.

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