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  • Rules of Procedure for Treaty Making

    Please find attached herewith the Rules of Procedure for Treaty Making, 2016 for reference by all the departments and agencies under the Ministry.

    This Rule of Procedure is applicable to any matter related to the initiation, formulation, negotiation, signing, amendment and implementation of treaties, agreement and other legal instruments to be concluded by the Government including any legal instrument concluded to seek membership in international organisations.

    As far as our Ministry is concerned, entering into MoU with foreign organisations and seeking membership to international organisations should strictly adhere to the rules of procedure laid down below:

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  • Food Security and Agriculture Productivity Project for Ministry

    The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, Royal Government of Bhutan has obtained a grant of USD 8.00 million from Global Agriculture and Food Security Program for the project titled ‘Food Security and Agriculture Productivity Project’.The project will be housed in the Department of Agriculture and implemented by Department of Agriculture and Department of Agriculture Marketing and Cooperatives, with the World Bank and FAO as the supervising entity and technical assistance partner, respectively. The proposed PDO is to increase agricultural productivity and enhance market linkages in selected rural districts in south-west Bhutan. the project will be implemented in five Dzongkhags of south-western Bhutan including, Chukha, Dagana, Haa, Samtse, and Sarpang.

    In order to implement the project we will need to follow the Environment and Social Management Framework (ESMF) developed for the purpose of this project. The project ESMF and translation of the executive summary in Dzongkha are hereby being disclosed on the website of the Ministry as well as that of the five participating Dzongkhags so that all relevant stakeholders are aware and mindful of considerations for Environmental and Social concerns to be addressed while participating or implementing this project.

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