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  • MoU signed between Department of Agriculture and JICA

    25 November, Thimphu:  A memorandum of understanding was signed for general grant aid titled, ‘Project for Improvement of Farm Machinery for Hiring Services of Tillage (Phase 2) between the Department of Agriculture (DoA), Gross National Happiness Commission (GNHC) and JICA. It will improve the accessibility to hiring services for farmers and agricultural productivity by providing farm machineries, thereby contributing to improve food security.

    “Since the primary mandate for the Agriculture Production Division is to enhance the production for food security, food self-sufficiency, youth engagement and enterprise promotion, the project will immensely benefit the division”, said Ms. Kinlay Tshering, the Director for DoA.

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  • Capacity development training on crop modeling underway in Paro

    25-29 November, Paro: About 35 participants from all the Agriculture Research and Development Centres and central programs are attending a week long capacity development training on crop modeling at Metta Resort. Dr. Mariko Fujisawa, Climate Change Expert from FAO Headquarters, Rome and Dr. Olivier Crespo, Climate System Analysis Group, Environmental and Geographical Science Department, University of Cape Town, South Africa are the resource persons for the program.

    The training will enhance the capacity of participants in crop related tools and models through the use of open source software’s such as R and Q-GIS using locally available climate and crop data. This would further enhance the capacity of agricultural researchers in incorporating weather and climate science in regular agriculture research activities.

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  • Statement by Sanam Lyonpo on the occasion of World Antibiotic Awareness Week

    18-24 November 2019: Today we join the global community in observing World Antibiotic Awareness Week (WAAW) from 18 to 24 November 2019- a worldwide initiative to raise awareness of antimicrobial resistance and to encourage the responsible use of antibiotics in all areas, including human and veterinary medicine. Antibiotics are used for treating infections caused mainly by bacterial agents. Failure to use them in prudent way is one of the main reasons attributing to development of resistance in disease causing agents. Treating an infection caused by resistant agent requires higher generation antibiotics.

    Globally, about 70% of the antibiotics manufactured by pharmaceutical companies are used in veterinary practices that include production animals, companion animals and wildlife. This means a substantial amount of antibiotics are pumped into our food chain and environment. Weak compliance to regulations of prudent use of antibiotics will expose humans and animals to sub-therapeutic dose and facilitate resistance development.

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  • Writeshop on developing organic package of practices for selected commodities under NoFP

    22 November, Phuentsholing: The write shop on developing an organic package of practices for the selected commodities under the National Organic Flagship Program (NOFP) is underway at Tashi Namgay Grand from 20-23 November 2019.

    The program has 12 selected commodities for commercialization in the 12th five year plan such as buckwheat, quinoa, ginger, cardamom, mushroom, turmeric trout and lemongrass oil for the export market and chili, asparagus, cauliflower and beans for the domestic market. These commodities were selected based on their potential for going organic at commercial level and scalability.

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