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  • Statement by Sanam Lyonpo on the occasion of World Antibiotic Awareness Week

    18-24 November 2019: Today we join the global community in observing World Antibiotic Awareness Week (WAAW) from 18 to 24 November 2019- a worldwide initiative to raise awareness of antimicrobial resistance and to encourage the responsible use of antibiotics in all areas, including human and veterinary medicine. Antibiotics are used for treating infections caused mainly by bacterial agents. Failure to use them in prudent way is one of the main reasons attributing to development of resistance in disease causing agents. Treating an infection caused by resistant agent requires higher generation antibiotics.

    Globally, about 70% of the antibiotics manufactured by pharmaceutical companies are used in veterinary practices that include production animals, companion animals and wildlife. This means a substantial amount of antibiotics are pumped into our food chain and environment. Weak compliance to regulations of prudent use of antibiotics will expose humans and animals to sub-therapeutic dose and facilitate resistance development.

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  • Writeshop on developing organic package of practices for selected commodities under NoFP

    22 November, Phuentsholing: The write shop on developing an organic package of practices for the selected commodities under the National Organic Flagship Program (NOFP) is underway at Tashi Namgay Grand from 20-23 November 2019.

    The program has 12 selected commodities for commercialization in the 12th five year plan such as buckwheat, quinoa, ginger, cardamom, mushroom, turmeric trout and lemongrass oil for the export market and chili, asparagus, cauliflower and beans for the domestic market. These commodities were selected based on their potential for going organic at commercial level and scalability.

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  • World Antibiotic Awareness Week

    20 November, Thimphu: The World Antibiotic Awareness Week (WAAW) is observed globally from 18-24 November to raise awareness of the health risks posed by antibiotic resistance, promote good practices and limit the spread of resistant bacteria across the world.

    To mark the WAAW, a half day workshop on “Advocacy on Antimicrobial Resistance to the One Health Stakeholders” was held at the National Veterinary Hospital, Motithang to create awareness to stakeholders with a global theme, ‘The future of antibiotics depends on all of us.’

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  • Sanam Lyonpo meets senior RNR officials

    The Hon’ble Sanam Lyonpo, Yeshey Penjor met with heads of the departments and agencies including the regional and SoEs heads on November 15 to share his past one year’s experiences and way forward in the RNR Sector.

    Lyonpo addressing the meeting shared, “The past one year in the office was enriching, learning about the agriculture sector, its planning process, implementation and the opportunity to work on it.” He stressed that the Ministry has a huge potential for employment generation, wealth creation and transformational growth if focused beyond subsistence farming. He highlighted that the agriculture in Bhutan needs transformation through enhancing productivity, market and research as well as cutting down bureaucratic layers and territorial mind set. He also urged all to come with big ideas and bring a change for better future.

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