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  • A hybrid maize variety to be released soon 

    A new hybrid maize variety, Wengkhar Hybrid Maize 1 has been approved by the Variety Release Committee under the Ministry to be released soon.

    According to the Agriculture Research and Development Centre (ARDC)-Wengkhar, the new variety is a heat tolerant, medium height and high yielding single cross hybrid with yellow dent kernel and yield potential of 1.8 to 2 t per acre.

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  • Laya receives improved yak breeds

    Bumthang: Laya received two breeding bulls and a female yak from Nucleus Yak Farm at Tang to improve yak breed and revive declining yak herding practices in the gewog.

    The National Highland Research and Development Centre and Research and Extension Division under the Department of Livestock handed over the yaks to gewog’s Mangmi and Assistant Dzongkhag Livestock Officer, Gasa on May 28. There are around 60 yak herders in Laya at present.

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  • NBC launched book on Traditional Paddy Varieties

    PGR Cover
    Coinciding to International Day for Biological Diversity on 22nd May 2020, National Biodiversity Centre is pleased to release a new publication on ‘Characterization Catalogue and Pictorial Varieties Descriptions on Traditional Paddy Varieties (oryza sativa) Conserved in the National Crop Genebank.

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  • Vegetable on Wheels launched in Thimphu

    7 May, Thimphu: To deliver all the essential vegetables and fruits at a doorstep, Vegetable on Wheels has been launched in Thimphu, the first of its kind in the country. Sangay Needup, an aspiring entrepreneur is behind the business idea.

    According to a spokesperson, one can get all the vegetables and fruits that are available at the market at a minimal price. The team ensures that all vegetables and fruits are clean and hygienically packed making the consumers’ shopping experience convenient.

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  • Ministry launched Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture program in Thimphu

    6 May, Thimphu: The Department of Agriculture (DoA) kick started the Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture program in Bebena, Thimphu by handing over 6.58 acres of land to 10 groups including 60 beneficiaries.

    According to the department, the program is being initiated as a part of the preparedness plan to ensure food security in the country during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is aimed to produce and supply vegetables for urban markets and provide alternative employment and income generating venture to laid-off employees.

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