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  • Notification on Forestry Gosa System

    The Department of Forests and Park Services introduced a revised gosa system to commemorate the World Ranger Day 2020. With this revised gosa system, all the forestry officials will now adorn a unique gosa which in the past existed only till the rank of Senior Forest Ranger III, who wore the 3 collar tabs popularly known as the Ranger Clips after which forestry personnel wore the green uniform with no ranks thus creating confusion among the public as to who was senior in ranks while conducting field visits and public meetings.

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  • Celebration of BAFRA’s 20th Foundation day

    5 August, Thimphu: It was a special day for the family of Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA) as we celebrated the 20th Foundation day on 5th August 2020. BAFRA was founded as the competent authority for Biosecurity and Food Safety”, with the mandate “to safeguard plants, animals and environment from biosecurity threats and ensure safe food for the consumers through science-based approaches for socio-economic wellbeing and sustainable environment”.

    The day was marked with a small cake ceremony, wherein the former Director Generals of BAFRA, Dasho Karma Dorji and Dasho Namgay Wangchuk along with the current Director General of BAFRA, DR Tashi Samdup graced the day. The BAFRA field offices in 20 districts also celebrated the day in their respective offices. It was a day to acknowledge all the contributions by the founders, leaders and officials of BAFRA while reflecting on the beginnings and the significant achievements.

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  • Retired foresters joined the celebration of World Ranger Day, 2020

    31 July, Thimpu: In an effort to connect the serving foresters with that of the past, 10 retired foresters, were invited to join the Department in celebrating the World Ranger Day on 31 July, 2020 in Thimphu. They were also invited to show our deep respect and gratitude for the lifetime contribution they made to the Department.

    It was a rare privilege for the Department to have joined by a group of mentor foresters, who begun their career and retired as forester. This group of seasoned foresters, were most instrumental in shaping the Department, since they worked at the capacity of decision makers. Having served their whole career in the Department, they left an imprint of their hard work and dedication and a legacy for younger generations to look up to. They may have retired, yet they still are big source of inspirations and serves as mentor.

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  • REDD+ Project Supervision Mission Meeting

    31- 6 August, Thimphu: The Department of Forests & Park Services (DoFPS) held a week long virtual project supervision mission meeting starting from 31st July to 6th August, 2020 with the team from Word Bank offices based in Washington DC, New Delhi and the Bhutan Country Office. The supervision mission visit lead by Ms. Andrea Kutter, the Technical Task leader, World Bank, is held annually to follow up and review progress on the implementation of the Bhutan REDD+ Readiness Preparation Program.

    The Project is financed through the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) of World Bank. The grant of US$3.8 million became effective on March 19, 2015 and closed in June, 2020. In March 2017, the FCPF Participants Committee (PC) approved the MTR (Mid-term Review Report) of the Project along with proposal for additional funding of US$4.8 million in support of Bhutan’s REDD+ Readiness Program. The RGOB and the World Bank signed the Additional Funding Grant Agreement on February 9, 2018. The Grant closes on December, 2021. The Project Development Objective is to build the national capacity of Bhutan to engage in REDD+ efforts at the national as well as international levels, through strengthened policies, increased knowledge on REDD+, and enhanced data availability on forests and forest management. The project is coordinated by the REDD+ Secretariat based in the Watershed Management Division of the DoFPS

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  • Building CSIs capacity on food safety licensing and certification

    3-6 August, Tsirang: Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA) is organizing a four-day awareness training on food safety licensing and certification requirements for agro-based Cottage and Small Industries (CSI). A total of twenty six participants consisting of representatives from CSIs based in Tsirang, agriculture extension official and BAFRA officials are attending the training.

    During the opening session, Gyem Bidha, the Chief of Food Safety and Quality Division highlighted the importance of CSIs in nation’s economic growth and improving the livelihood of rural population. She emphasized on the significance of meeting the food safety legal requirements for operating any kind of food business and certification to Bhutanese agro-based products for better market.

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