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  • Traffic, Parking and Other Advice: 3rd Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition 2017

    During the 3rd Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition 2017:

    These Roads will be closed for traffic:

    – Upper RBP Gate to National Memorial Chorten
    – Hospital Gate towards swimming pool road
    – North side of Memorial Chorten which used to be one way (just downhill) will be made two ways
    – One way direction to be reversed on road from hospital towards roundabout above Chorten joining Samten Lam (Kalabazar road)
    – Hospital entry opened from upper gate

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  • The 3rd Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition 2017- The National Memorial Chorten, Thimphu

    Thimphu: The Third Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition, dedicated as a tribute to His Majesty The Third Druk Gyalpo, Jigme Dorji Wangchuck will be held at the National Memorial Chorten in Thimphu from June 4-11 2017 (for the general public from June 5 onward).

    The Exhibition will have thematic gardens prepared by various participants including the armed forces, private florists, MoAF and Green Bhutan among others. This year, we will also have gardens developed by India, Thailand and Japan. The gardens will display Bhutan’s rich indigenous plants and herbs as well as a large variety of ornamental flowers. Cut flowers and souvenirs such as Pictorial Book on Exhibition, Caps, Cups etc. will be available for purchase, and experts will be on hand to provide useful information and share gardening tips.

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  • Public Disclosure of ESMF and GAAP for Bhutan for Life Project

    The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests is pleased to publicly disclose the Environment and Social Management Framework (ESMF) and Gender Analysis and Action Plan (GAAP) for Bhutan for Life Project after receiving feedback from RGoB and WWF. This will be the basis for specifying the procedures and guidelines for assessing the potential environmental and social impacts of the financed sub-projects.

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  • Gearing towards Multi-stakeholder Highland Development

    Representatives from Haa Dzongkhag Administration, TCB, Chairman from Bjee, Katsho and Esue, Bjee Farmers Dairy Group, Youth Cooperative, Home Stay Association, Women Group and Yak Herders Group and JKSNR from Haa along with farmers representative and NHR&DC, Jakar

    May 24-25, Haa: The Highland Development Program, Department of Livestock in collaboration with the Jigme Khesar Strict Nature Reserve (JKSNR) organised a two-day workshop on the multi-stakeholders action plan development on yak value chain with fund  from the Kanchenunga Landscape Project, ICIMOD, Nepal.

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  • 30 May, 31 May & 1 June 2017- National Census Holidays

    29 May, Thimphu: As per Royal Command, 30 May to 1 June 2017, has been declared as National Census Holidays. The 2nd Population and Housing Census of Bhutan (2017 PHCB) is an important national undertaking. In view of this, the PHCB will cover both Bhutanese and Non-Bhutanese living in the country. Therefore, everyone is expected to stay at their residences and extend full support and cooperation to the census officials.

    The PHCB which will be conducted by the National Census Secretariat, instituted under the National Statistics Bureau, is the most comprehensive source of information on population and households. It provides benchmark data on demographic, social, economic and housing characteristics. The information collected will be used for formulation of policies, planning and monitoring and evaluation of the development plans and programs. The 2017 PHCB is timely to assess the achievement of the 11th Five Year Plan and the Sustainable Development Goals. The first Population and Housing Census of Bhutan was conducted in May 2005.

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