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  • Chumigna Garden

    A giant portrait of His Majesty The King visible to all those who enter the Haa valley giving them a sense of devotion and strength is the central feature of the Chumigna Garden (Spring Garden).

    The iconic landmark is one of the major sites out of four for the virtual 6th Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition. It is located between the scared Lhakhang Karpo and the historic Wangchuk Lo Dzong under Eusu gewog.

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  • Lhakhang Karpo Mini Park

    Haa: Anyone visiting the Lhakhang Karpo hereafter will be mesmerised by the greenery and beautiful installations in place. Thanks to the renovation work carried out upon the Royal Command of His Majesty The King and to the virtual 6th Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition.

    The lhakhang, the abode of the local deity, Ap Chundu is believed to have been built by the Tibetan King Songtsen Gampo during the 7th century AD. It is said that he released two pigeons, a white and a black one from his consciousness to select the sites to build the temples in Haa. The lhakhang is located at the foothills of the three towering mountains commonly known as Rigsum Gonpo as it was where the white pigeon had landed. It hosts a statute of Tshephamey, the Buddha of Longevity as a principal deity.

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  • Sinchupang in Haa turns into a Mini Park

    Haa: Locals in Haa have seen Sinchupang as a marshy and fallow land in the past. Today with beautification works, the area has been transformed into a colourful mini-park for people to explore and enjoy nature.

    Located near the HAA Dzongkhag Administration with picturesque views of Ap Chundu’s Chipta (Horse) and Meri Puensum, Sinchupang Mini Park was the main venue for the virtual 6th Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition (RBFE) out of 21 strategic sites.

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  • 6th RBFE in Haa goes virtual

    Haa: The virtual 6th Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition (RBFE) in Haa is providing a visual treat to people across the country by bringing the gardens to their screens amid this COVID19 situation. It was hosted virtually on 14 August with a release of introduction videos and is being continued on all the RBFE social media platforms.

    The exhibition in Haa is not confined to one place but spread across all over the Dzongkhag including in dungkhags, gewogs and schools. There are around 21 gardens covering the main valley with four major sites at Sinchupang, Lhakhang Karpo, Chumigna and Herbal Garden which will remain permanently as a legacy of the exhibition.

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  • Trial on Urban Household Vegetable Farming successful

    Thimphu: While many of the Thimphu residents are having a difficult time with vegetable supply, 30 households in Thimphu who were a part of the urban household vegetable farming are enjoying the green and organic vegetables from their backyards.

    The concept was introduced in May 2020 to help the clients with vegetable supply during the COVID19 situation, enhance household nutrition and promote urban vegetable cultivation for meeting the needs at a household level.

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