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  • Joint Global Tiger Day Press Release from the Department of Forests and Parks Services, MoAF Bhutan and WWF

    This is also the first time that a high-resolution image of the magnificent cat has been captured at a high altitude of 11,733 ft in Bhutan.

    Commissioned with support from WWF, it took photojournalist Emmanuel Rondeau and three Bhutanese park officials from DoFPS about 8 weeks and 8 camera traps for the mission that began in March this year. Bhutan’s national tiger survey in 2014-2015 confirmed the presence of tigers in several areas of Bhutan for the first time – and found that tigers were using wildlife corridors to move between parks.

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  • 4th Meeting of National Food Quality and Safety Commission

    July 26, Thimphu: The Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA) organised 4th National Food Quality and Safety Commission (NFQSC) meeting chaired by the Hon’ble Sanam Lyonpo Yeshey Dorji. The members of NFQSC are heads from the Department of Public Health, Bhutan Chambers of Commerce and Industries, Department of Trade, Office of Attorney General, Department of Livestock, Department of Agriculture, Department of Law and Order and BAFRA.

    Under Food Act of Bhutan 2005, it is obligatory that a country needs to establish a NFQSC to function as an apex body for decisions relating to food standards and other food control matters.

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  • Fodder plantation carried out at marginal lands

    Fodder plantation being carried out at Tephu village

    Pemagatshel: A fodder plantation program was held on 16-18 May at the Tephu village under Nanong geog to cover most of the fallow and eroded lands with fodder slips of Napier and Guatemala. The cultivable lands were destroyed by excavation of newly constructed farm roads. The community was very happy as they planted fodder on 2 acres of land and they are hopeful that their land will not be eroded further once the fodder slips would grow.

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  • National level workshop on Land Degradation Neutrality held

    July 26, Thimphu: To provide an overview on Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) concept , approaches and its working modalities, a national level workshop was held at Taj Tashi.

    Organised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests and the Global Mechanism of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification/Land Degradation (GM/UNCCD), the workshop also shared the outcome of the LDN experience in Bhutan, discussed how to leverage LDN from climate change impacts to green growth and poverty eradication. It further explored the financing opportunities and developed a way forward for LDN in Bhutan.

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