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  • Aeroponic Production of potato minitubers: A successful third season

    Potatoes grown using aeroponic minituber production method
    Potatoes grown using aeroponic minituber production method

    We would like to share some pictures and updates on the aeroponic production of potato minitubers, as we begin this year’s harvest. This is the third season that we, National Potato Program and the National Seed Center (NSC), Paro, have successfully carried out production in the aeroponic unit built with the support of World Bank funded Decentralized Rural Development Project. NSC will also have another unit functional by the next season through the same support.

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  • Second Annual Research Symposium and Environmental Fair

    The Bhutan Ecological Society will be holding its 2nd Annual Research Symposium & Environmental Fair on 22–23 August 2014 at Clock Tower Square in Thimphu. This public benefit event is a great way for persons from all sectors to share their conservation knowledge and experiences with each other and with the general public, through posters, research presentations and exhibition booths.

    JOIN US!

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  • Summer School Agriculture Camp

    Students from Bumthang, Sarpang and Zhemgang.
    Students from Bumthang, Sarpang and Zhemgang.

    A 10 days long (4th to 12th July, 2014) summer school agriculture training camp is under way. 80 students from Bumthang, Sarpang and Zhemgang Dzongkhag are attending the programme .Similar programme will also be conducted during winter. The main objectives of the training is to provide hands on training on integrated farming and creates awareness on agriculture farming and make the summer vacation a useful one.

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  • Video Programmes Available on the Web

    Various audio-visual productions including documentaries and musical videos produced by Information and Communication Services (ICS) and other agencies under the Ministry had been made available on the web. Please watch it by clicking on the “Media Library” tab on the navigation menu.

    Click Here to view the videos.

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  • YouTube video on the recent 14th ISE Congress held in Bumthang

    youtubeThe 14th International Society of Ethnobiology (ISE) Congress was organised by the Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Conservation and Environment, Department of Forests and Park Services in the first week of June 2014. You can view the Deputy Minister of Culture and Heritage of Uganda and the Managing Director of ISE sharing their thoughts about the Congress and Bhutan in this documentary on YouTube:

    Please click here to view the YouTube Video.

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