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    DSC03754Ms. Yumiko Asakuma, Chief Representative, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Bhutan Office and Mr. Tenzin Dhendup Officiating Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests (MoAF) signed a Minutes of Discussions on the Study on the Japenese Grant Assistance for the Food Security Project for Underprivileged Farmers in the Kingdom in the presence of Hon’ble Minister, MoAF today.

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  • Human Conflicts with Bears

    11 October, Thimphu: Representatives from the Wildlife Conservation Division (WCD) under the Department of Forest and Park Services met with the monks of Tango, Cheri and Taktsang monastery to resolve the human bear conflict issue to the  tsamkhang (hermitage) located near Tango and Cheri  monastery in Thimphu and Taktsang monastery in Paro.

    The Himalayan Black Bear was identified to cause the issues. WCD states that as human settlement spread over more land, many bear populations find themselves living in close proximity to humans and human food sources. Attracted to the prospect of an easy meal, wild bears become used to feeding on food and garbage that appear nearby. When these food sources are not properly bear-proofed, encounters with humans become almost inevitable.

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  • Fodder conservation technology proved to be a success in Samdrupjongkhar

    Samdrupjongkhar: The Samdrupjongkhar Dzonkhag Livestock Sector has introduced the making of silage bag as one of the winter fodder conservation technology to ensure fodder availability throughout the year, minimise cost, enrich crop residue and to make optimal use of green forage during summer.

    The introduction of exotic grass like Guatemala (tripsecumlaxum) and Napier(Pennisetumpurpureum) in the Dzingkhag has been a success till date, due to being a perennial. It grows on their own after the harvest and need not required to be sown regularly, it ultimately reduces the work load.

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  • MoU to recognize the certification system of EIC

    signing of MoU
    signing of MoU

    27 September, Thimphu: An MoU was signed between the Export Inspection Council of India (EIC) and Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA)  to recognize the export inspection and certification system of EIC for Bhutan. Hereafter, certificates issued by EIC would recognized as a proof of certification as prescribed by BAFRA. However, random checks will be carried out to ensure continued compliance of products under the MoU.

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