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  • Assessing the Economic Benefits of Sustainable Land Management Practices in Bhutan

    “This study was conducted with the objective of determining the returns to sustainable land management (SLM) at the national level in Bhutan. The study first uses satellite data on land change (Landsat) to examine land use change in 1990–2010 and its impact on sediment loading in hydroelectric power plants. The study then uses the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) model to analyze the impact of land use change and land management on sediment loading. The results from the land use change and SWAT analyses are used to assess the economic benefits of SLM. We estimate the benefits and costs of SLM practices and compare them with the land-degrading practices that are most prevalent in Bhutan—that is, business as usual. An analysis of the drivers of adoption of SLM practices is also done to draw conclusions about strategies that Bhutan could use to enhance adoption of SLM practices.”

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  • A case of Hardware disease encountered in a calved cow in Haa

    A case of Traumatic Recticulo-peritonitis (TRP) or Hardware disease encountered in a calved cow in Haa was referred to the Regional Livestock Development Centre (RLDC), Tsimasham by the Haa Dzonghag Livestock Sector. The case was a success due to the dedicated and prompt operation and the cooperation rendered by the animal owner.

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  • Hon’ble Minister attends Asia-Pacific Regional Dialogue to commemorate the International Year of Family Farming

    Hon’ble Agriculture and Forests Minister Lyonpo Yeshey Dorji attended the inaugural session of the ‘Asia Pacific Regional Conference on Role of Family Farming in the 21st Century- Achieving the Zero Hunger challenge’ held in Chennai, India from August 7-10, 2014. The regional conference organized by the M.S Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF) in collaboration with the FAO, IFAD, IDRC, WFP, UN Women and other national and international agencies, saw over 300 participants from across the Asia-Pacific Region. Ministers and Deputy Ministers of Agriculture from six countries were in attendance to share their insights amongst other keynote speakers like Professor M.S Swaminathan; Mr. KanayoNwanze, President of IFAD; Etharin Cousin, Executive Director, WFP; Mr. Hiroyuki Konuma, ADG, FAO Regional office for Asia and Pacific and many other dignitaries.

    Addressing the gathering at the ministerial forum of the conference, Lyonpo highlighted the key role of family farming for ensuring food security, enhancing rural livelihood, environmental protection and in combating poverty. He mentioned that,these small holder farmers however continue to face many risks and challenges primarily due to lack of capacity to cope with extreme weather patterns and volatile global economic situation. Therefore, emphasizing the need to work together in translating our common goals into tangible actions at the global, regional and national levels, Lyonpo reiterated the need for global partnerships and called for greater investments and commitments from International Financial institutions to agriculture developments in developing countries.

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  • Monsoon Hampers MAGIP activities in Merak and Sakteng

    A Bridge gave way to the heavy monsoon rainfall
    A Bridge gave way to the heavy monsoon rainfall

    This year, Merak and Sakteng geogs are experiencing unprecedented rainfall all these days. Almost every day it is raining cats and dog’s here. Every streams, rivers and gullies are over flown with rain water and debris. Villages look like a floating town, with water oozing out from every small openings and faults.

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