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  • Coordination Meeting between the Management of SWS and TTFD on Joint Anti-poaching Programs etc.

    The meeting was chaired by Chief Forestry Officer of TTFD and SWS and attended by the staff of both office
    The meeting was chaired by the Chief Forestry Officer of TTFD and SWS and attended by the staff of both office

    12 June, 2017: A coordination meeting between the Management of Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary (SWS) and Trashigang Territorial Forest Division (TTFD) on developing joint anti-poaching programs and other common issues was conducted on 8/6/2017 at the Conference Hall of Divisional Office, Trashigang.

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  • TOT on Organic Agriculture and Sensitisation on Guidelines on the Supply of Bio-Products

    A field visit to nearby organic farm in Samtenling was arranged for the participants and the TOT concluded with some hands on training
    A field visit to nearby organic farm in Samtenling was arranged for the participants and the TOT concluded with some hands on training

    7 to 9 June, 2017, ARDC-Samtenling, Sarpang: A Training of trainers (TOT) to focal persons from 20 Dzongkhags and Agriculture Research and Development Centres (ARDCs) across the country on Organic Agriculture and sensitisation on recent Guidelines on the supply of Bio-products in the country was organised by the National Organic Program (NOP) from 7 to 9 June, 2017 in collaboration with the National Plant Protection Centre, National Soil Service Centre and ARDC-Samtenling. The participants also included from other agencies such as the Youth Business Cooperative (YBC), National Seed Centre and Farm Machine Corporation Limited (FMCL).

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  • Picture Story: MoAF continuing with Tree Plantation at Samarzingkha

    On 8 June 2017

    On 8 June 2017, MoAF officials led by the Hon’ble Sanam Lyonpo planted around 3354 numbers of tree saplings including Apple, Pear, Persimmon, Peach, Apricot, Plum, Almond and Chestnut at the Samarzingkha Agro-Forestry area which has about 75 Acres of land. The one day plantation was organised by the Department of Forests and Park Services together with the Department of Agriculture.

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  • 9 June 2017- Lord Buddha’s Parinirvana- National Holiday

    Buddha_ParinirvanaAll government offices and schools in the Kingdom of Bhutan will be closed on Friday, 9 June 2017 to observe one of the most sacred days of Lord Buddha’s Parinirvana or Duechen Nga Zom.

    Lord Buddha’s Parinirvana or Duechen Nga Zom is observed on the 15th Day of the Fourth Month of the Bhutanese calendar which this year falls on 9 June. It was on this day that the Buddha was conceived, born, subdued evil, gained enlightenment and attained Nirvana. It is considered as one of the most auspicious days for Buddhists all over the world.

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  • Selection Results: Animal Attendants and Pasture Attendants- Wangkha

    As per the announcement made in BBS vide letter no.3(3)DoL/CRC/2016-17/445, dated 5 April 2017, Ministry of Agriculture & Forests’ website vide our letter no.3(3)DoL/CRC/W/2016-17/497 & 536 dated 8 May 2017 & 1 June 2017 respectively and in local Cable TV vide letter no. 3(3)DoL/CRC/W/2015-2016/499, dated 8 May 2017, the management of the Calf Rearing Centre, Wangkha, Chukha under the Department of Livestock is pleased to announce the selection interview results for the post of Animal Attendants (ESP)  and Pasture Attendants (ESP) held on 6 June 2017 at CRC, Wangkha, Chukha as detailed below:

    Title of the Post: Animal  and Pasture Attendants,     Number of Posts:   5,       Place of Posting:  CRC, Wangkha,
    Sl. No Name  of the Candidates CID No. Interview  I Interview II Interview III Interview IV Interview V Viva Voce 100% Remarks
    1 Pem Bidha, 10202000247, 88.50 90.50 87.00 83.00 88.00 87.83 Selected for PA
    2 Som Raj Rai, 11210001819, 0 0 0 0 0 0 Absent
    3 Jasu Maya Gurung, 11212000316, 90.50 91.00 81.00 85.50 84.00 86.66 Selected for PA
    4 Sunil Basnet, 11204004197, 88.00 86.50 91.00 84.50 87.00 87.16 Selected for PA
    5 Janga Bahadur Ghalley, 11204003751, 88.50 88.50 92.00 90.00 88.00 89.00 Selected for PA
    6 Mon Bahadur Ghallay, 11213000023, 89.00 87.50 90.00 87.50 87.00 88.00 Selected for PA
    7 Indra Maya Gurung, 11212001943, 89.50 88.50 89.00 87.00 76.00 88.16 Selected for PA
    8 Damber Kumar Ghalley, 11213000032, 89.00 90.00 92.00 85.00 87.50 88.83 Selected for PA
    9 Sangkal Gurung, 11212001945, 0 0 0 0 0 0 Absent
    10 Mongalay Rai, 20211001385, 0 0 0 0 0 0 Absent
    1 Chandra Ghalley, 21202001152, 0 0 0 0 0 0 Absent
    2 Budhi Raj Gurung, 11212001922, 78.50 83.50 76.00 79.00 85.00 80.33 Selected for AA

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