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  • Mastiff Dog Exhibition (Bjopchi)

    UntitledThe first ever dog show/exhibition held in Bhutan was oragnized by Thimphu Dzongkhag in Soe and Lingshi geog. The dog show/exhibition was focused on the declining breed of our native Mastiff dog (Bjopchi). This activity was supported by Department of livestock under the Highland Development Programme which very well fits in the indicators set for the program.

    The show was conducted in Soe geog on the 8 October and 12 October in Lingzhi geog. The objectives for conducting such exhibition are to conserve Mastiff dog (Bjopchi), create awareness and importance of mastiff breed, de-worming and vaccination of Dogs, encourage Highlanders to Breed good quality Mastiff and alternative source of income generation.

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  • Reviving community yak farm at Bumthang

    Untitled28 October, Bumthang: The second consultative meeting on reviving community yak farm was held with Narut Community at Tang Geog in Bumthang Dzongkhag. The meeting was attended by officials from the National Center for Animal nutrition, Dzongkhag Livestock sector and Geog Administration. During the meeting works on additional rangeland fencing, clearing of yak migratory routes including maintenance of herder’s shed at Namgong and procurement of good quality yaks were discussed and finalized.

    As decided in the meeting, these activities will be implemented within December, 2014 under the HANAS sub-project title “ Securing Rangeland Soil Carbon Through Community Yak Herding within Thrumshingla National Park” funded by Bhutan Trust for Environment Conservation.

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  • Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop for Rural Livelihood Project Stakeholders

    DSC0130521 – 22 October: About 25 officials from Sarpang and Zhemgang Dzongkhag, gewog RNR sectors, BCCI and DAMC participated in the Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop of the Rural Livelihood Project which was organised jointly by the Policy & Planning Division (PPD), Project Management Unit, (PMU) and Helvetas Swiss Inter-cooperation Office Thimphu. The two days workshop was conducted at Rural Development Training (RDTC), Zhemgang.

    The workshop aimed at improving the quality of project report and also emphasize on monitoring systems. During the workshop the participants studied the Project Logical Framework to remind project goals, objectives and activities which would monitor to prepare the project annual work plan and enhance reporting. The workshop came up with the M&E matrix based on the PLaMs incorporating with the Project logical framework to be used for the project which will guide for planning and reporting the project progress.

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  • Common Leopard set free

    120 October, Sarpang. The Staff of Wildlife Rescue and Animal Health Section under Wildlife Conservation Division, DoFPS rushed to Thongjhazur village under Umling Geog in Sarpang Dzongkhag to rescue the common leopard which was caught in the trap set up by the villagers. The trapped was a male leopard weighing 65 kilograms and of approximately 7-8 years.

    The trap was set up at the distance of about 70-80 meters away from the village settlement for the protection of their field crops from wild animals like wild boar, sambar and barking deer. Further Mr. Tashi Tshering also said that the trap was set to protect their paddy and maize form the wild animals. Unfortunately common leopard was captured inside the trap in the night of 18th October. The villagers found this captured leopard while they were carrying out the Community forestry boundary survey and they immediately informed it to the Park Range Officer.

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