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  • Rescue of a Himalayan Black Bear from Chapcha

    Freeing iron snare from Bear

    The Range office in Chapcha, Chukha Dzongkhag received a call from villagers on the trapped black bear. Immediately, a team from Wildlife Rescue and Animal Section of Wildlife Conservation Division rushed towards Chapcha. The two plus year old female Himalayan Black Bear was trapped in the snare set for the wild pig in the maize field of Ap. Passang of Chapcha Tanapangkha. According to Ap. Passang the snare was set mainly to trap the frustrating wild pig that damages his good yielding maize every night, bringing his one year hard work in vain. But he said that it was unfortunate for the two years old female bear to get trapped in the snare.

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  • New Visitor at Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary

    UntitledWith the onset of harsh winter at Ladakh, India and Tibet, Cranes usually migrate to lower elevation in search of suitable habitat. Similarly, Black necked crane is no exception in migrating to some part of the Bhutan during winter season.

    Owing to the effective habitat conservation effort from Department of Forests and Park Services and other Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) like Royal Society for Protection of Nature (RSPN) , every year number of black necked crane visiting the country is seen increasing.

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  • Workshop on Program Estimates for EU-TCP

    Eu-TCP meeting webThe two day workshop on Program Estimates for EU-TCP in support of RNR sector (Technical Corporation Project) for focal Progammee Coordinators of various Departments and Agencies under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests is being held at Hotel Migmar,Thimph from 4 -5 December 2014.  The resource person of this workshop is from EU-delegation, Delhi.

    The main objective of this workshop is to understand the financial and contractual aspects of the complex modality of Programme Estimate in close relation to the implementation of this project. Other objective includes reviewing the Financing Agreement, its Special Conditions, and Technical & Administrative provisions.

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