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  • Training on GIS and GPS underway at UWICE

    1Training on Geographic Information System (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) is underway at the Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Conservation and Environment. The forestry extension staffs from 20 dzongkhags are attending the course.

    The training is provided with the objective to provide hands on skill on GPS and GIS to field staffs. The eight days training will end with awarding certificate to the participants on 19 September 2014.  The Institute is aiming to provide equal opportunities in various trainings to our extension staffs.

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  • Community Forest Handing Over at Tendruk

    1The introduction of Community Forestry (CF) program in Bhutan is a courageous, innovative and promising step towards participatory forest management and this has been well recognized throughout the world as a successful people centered program.

    The FNCR 2006 provides a clear regulation of the CF and the process of handing over forest to the local communities by forming management groups called Community Forest Management Groups (CFMGs). This Rule defines community forest as a part of national forest handed over to a CFMG for its development, protection, conservation, and utilization for collective benefits. The government transfers responsibility to CFMG for managing the national forest and the right to use forest products in a sustainable way with the ultimate objective of improving livelihoods of rural communities. The CFMGs have been recognized as social institutions, legal entities and self-governing autonomous bodies which have legal rights to formulate their constitutions (legal documents based on which they operate) and to take decisions regarding CF management.

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  • A Tiger’s doll, Monkey’s fear

    Tiger doll placed high up on a tree nearby the maize field
    Tiger doll placed high up on a tree nearby the maize field

    Just drive through the winding road from Yonkala to Thridangbi village under Saling Geog, Mongar Dzongkhag, one might see bountiful maize field located either adjacent to their houses or forested areas. Maize in these villages is one of the main cash crops grown normally twice in a year. They earn cash income by selling maize to the road travelers in the form of beaten maize (Tangma), raw corn (Ashoom) or powdered maize (Tangma bokpee).

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  • Training on Electric Fence System for Agriculture Extension Officers

    1As assigned to organize Hands on Training on Electric Fence Systems for six Eastern Dzongkhags, RNR RDC Wengkhar started practical trainings on Electric Fence Systems for Lhuntshe Dzongkhag from 29th Aug 2014 to 4th Sep 2014 . Organized at Chatrong village in Jarey gewog in collaboration with Dzongkhag Agriculture sector Lhuntshe, a week long training was participated by eight Agriculture Extension Officers of Lhuntshe Dzongkhag and 12 beneficiary farmers of Chatrong village, where a community based electric fencing was installed as a part of the training. The training was also attended by local leaders in the gewog.

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