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  • Ministry welcomes new DoA DG and offers Trashi Khadhar to Livestock DG

    The new Agriculture Director General with Hon’ble Lyonpo

    July 22, Thimphu: The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, today received a new Director General for Agriculture Department and offered Trashi Khadhar to Director General of Livestock Department. The Agriculture DG was transferred from the Finance Ministry while Livestock DG was recently promoted.

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  • Picture story

    APA web 221-22 July, Thimphu: The livestock officials including the Program Directors, Farm Managers, Dzongkhag Veterinary Officers, Dzongkhag Livestock Officers from across the country and seniors from the headquarters are attending a two days consultative meeting at the Livestock Conference Hall.

    The meeting will ensure the accomplishment of the proposed targeted activities (2015-2016) for all offices are in line with the parent Department. This was felt necessary following a recent signing of annual performance agreement with the Government. The floor will also discuss field issues and budget among others.

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  • New Wheat Variety for Bumthang Farmers

    DSC_7461RNR-RDC Jakar has been conducting the Winter Wheat Varietal Improvement Program in collaboration with RNR-RDC Bajo (Wheat Coordinating Center) and International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) with the aim to identify potential improved varieties in order to broaden the genetic base in the winter wheat ecosystem; and to provide variety choice to the high altitude farmers. Two lines from Nepal (NL 1064 and WK 1204) and one (Gumasokha Ka) originally from Mexico but released recently by RDC Bajo were evaluated under farmers’ management conditions.

    A field day was organized at Tang and Chumey mainly to jointly assess the performances of these new varieties, gather farmers’ feedbacks and plan future course of actions. Twenty farmers from each site participated actively during the Participatory Varietal Selection process.

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  • Climate smart pig farm in Gelephu

    The largest biogas plant installed in the country
    The largest biogas plant installed in the country

    The first ever largest biogas plant in the country with 75 production capacity installed using pig manure at the National Piggery Development Centre (NPiDC), Gelephu is functioning well. It was installed in collaboration with the Bhutan Biogas Project/SNV. The bio-gas plants installed in the various Dzongkhags does not have more than 6 production capacity.

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