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  • DAMC website ranked 11th

    In the website competition one of our sister websites was not too far behind us. Department of Agricultural Marketing & Cooperatives’s website www.agrimarket.gov.bt was ranked 11th out of 98 Government websites evaluated. Department of IT & Telecom (DITT) carried out the government website evaluation following a directive received from the Hon’ble Prime Minister to organise a website competition. The primary purpose was to assess whether websites established by several agencies under Royal Government of Bhutan are fulfilling the generic objectives and agency specific aims, assessment of websites was initiated in mid April. The Ministry’s website www.moaf.gov.bt had come 3rd.

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  • 16th NPC Meeting ongoing in Thimphu

    Workshop in progress

    9 June, Thimphu: Representatives from various Asian countries are in the capital to participate in the 16th National Project Coordinators meeting. The participating countries- Malaysia, India, Mongolia, Laos, Cambodia, Bangladesh and Bhutan- that are at different phases of implementing the National Biosafety Framework are here following a practice which provides a platform for information sharing and to share technical knowledge on new and emerging developments in biosafety.

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  • 14th Congress of International Society for Ethno-biology (ISE) inaugurated in Bumthang

    Her Royal Highness Ashi Chimi Yangzom Wangchuck inaugurated the Opening

    1-7 June, Bumthang: Her Royal Highness Ashi Chimi Yangzom Wangchuck inaugurated the opening of the 14th International Congress for Ethno-Biology at Ugyen Wangchuk Stadium in Chamkhar under Bumthang Dzongkhag. There are almost 200 Bhutanese participants and 400 international participants of 56 countries from 6 continents.

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  • A Viable Scheme to solve Water Shortages in Chongshing Gonpa

    Rainwater harvesting system under construction at Chongshing Gonpa

    30 May, Pemagatshel: The nine households living around Chongshing Gonpa in Pemagatshel have been facing water shortages for a long time. In order to solve their problem, the Dzongkhag Agriculture Sector has initiated the construction of a Rain Water Harvesting System for every household with a water holding capacity of 1500 litres.

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  • Eco-Campsite at Phajoding

    Hon’ble Sanam Lyonpo and team on a cultural tour in and around Phajoding

    7 June, Phajoding: While tourism generates substantial revenue for the country, it is essential that programmes and activities that bring economic opportunities to local communities are encouraged. With this intention, Phajoding eco-campsite was developed to enhance the social, cultural, and environmental opportunities. Given the historical and cultural richness of Phajoding and the fact that it is already used as a tourism destination as part of the Druk Path Trek (between Paro and Thimphu), the Nature Recreation and Ecotourism Division (NRED) under the Department of Forests and Park Services initiated the development of the campsite. This project intends to link tourism development with cultural preservation and environmental conservation.

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