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  • Waste Cleaning Campaign along Pachhu

    Coinciding with the World Water Day on 22nd March, 2014, the Divisional Forestry Office, Paro has organized waste cleaning campaign along the bank of Pachhu in coordination with six educational institutes: Paro College of Education, Kuen Gaa HSS, Yoezerling HSS, Tenzin HSS, Shari HSS and Lango MSS.

    Worls Water Day
    World Water Day observed at Paro

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  • Consultative workshop on H7N9 concludes

    Honl'ble Minister addressing the participants during the closing session closing remarks
    Hon’ble Minister addressing the participants during the closing session

    Thimphu, 17-19 March: A three day national consultative workshop organised in order to enhance country’s  preparedness and contingency plan for H7N9 concluded at the Rochog Pel Hotel. The workshop was felt necessary considering the increasing cases of H7N9 in humans in China since March 2013, which has caused around 119 deaths out of 384 cases reported. H7N9 is a new bird flu strain of the species Influenza virus A, an unusually dangerous virus for humans, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). It is more humanised than H5N1.

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  • Annual Stakeholders Workshop on Cordyceps value chain

     18 March, Thimphu: “Collection of Cordyceps shall be strictly restricted to 45 days, excluding the number of days of journey to and from the collection site”, states the revised Guidelines for collection/harvesting of Cordyceps sinensis. A total of 45 days will be officially recognized for collection of Cordyceps to the residents of the high altitude villages (dependant on yaks) who is registered in the concerned Geog Administrations concerned.

    Gups from the various highland Gewogs expressed concerned over the revised royalty of Nu. 22500 from the existing Nu. 7000 per kilogram of Cordyceps bought at the auction site. Some agreed with the revised tax but expressed that if the ‘only one person per household could be reconsidered to three people per household.

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  • Workshop on Assessing Economic Benefits of Sustainable Land Management Practices in Bhutan

    the participants of the workshop
    the participants of the workshop

    18 March, Thimphu: The Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB) has always accorded continued importance to the sustainable land management (SLM) in the country. However, increasing land degradation problem caused by both the natural disasters and human activities like unsustainable agricultural practices including improper irrigation, water management, cultivation on steep slopes without any measures, forest fire, overgrazing, infrastructure development, urbanization, mining, etc. has become a concern for the National Soil Services Centre (NSSC), Department of Agriculture (DoA) under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests.

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