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  • Farm shops inaugurated at Phunstshothang and Norbugang

    Farm shop at Phuntshothang being inauguratedJuly 22, Samdrupjongkhar: Two farm shops at Phuntshothang and Norbugang were inaugurated by Dasho Dungpa, Samdrupcholing Dungkhag Administration and Dasho Dungpa, Nanglam Dungkhag.

    In their inaugural addresses, Dasho Dungpas stated that about 70% of our population is dependent on agriculture as their main source of livelihood. Considering its importance, the Royal Government has been making concerted efforts in supporting the sector in all the development plans. Despite many program interventions, the farming communities are constrained by lack of access to quality and reliable farm inputs, poor infrastructure and market access for their farm produce and acute shortage of farm labour.

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  • Jangbi community receives second phase of solar electric fencing

    DSC_2537July 23-25, Trongsa: Bhutan’s conservation effort towards securing the wildlife habitats is often shadowed by a rampant Human Wildlife Conflict (HWC) that is prevalent throughout the country. Of the many HWC incidences, crop depredation by wild herbivores is the most serious issue which leaves many farmers in woe. While many adaptive measures were tested to safeguard the crops from depredation, the most sought method is the use of locally fabricated solar electric fencing.

    Ap Sonam, 49 years old is a resident of Jangbi, a small Monpa community under the Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park (JSWNP). Having 3 acres of cultivable land where he grows wheat, buckwheat, barley, maize and paddy, he never had the privilege of harvesting full. Over 60-70% of the crops were lost to wild predators like wild boar, deer, sambar, porcupine and bear besides his sleepless nights guarding the crop in makeshift huts and installing numerous effigies around the field. ‘It is very saddening that besides regular guarding, I hardly get 30-40% of the harvest’, Ap Sonam said. ‘Looking to the fellow farmers who were beneficiary of electric fencing, I feel that it has a great advantage’, he added. He was not a beneficiary of solar electric fencing in the past and aspires to have one.

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  • Jangbi people trained on solar electric fencing

    Trainees preparing the fences
    Trainees preparing the fences

    July 23-25, Trongsa: A hands on training to install locally fabricated solar electric fencing was conducted in Jangbi village under the Jigme Singye Wangchuk National Park (JSWNP) for the park staffs and ten farmers of Jangbi community. The training first of its kind in the national park familiarised the trainees on the principles of functioning, methods of installation and management for sustainability.

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  • Hedge plantations carried out along Thimphu – Babesa expressway divider

    A50X294227 July 2015, Thimphu: In commemoration of the 60th birth anniversary of His Majesty the fourth Druk Gyalpo, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests carried out 6.2 kms hedge plantation along the divider of whole stretch of Thimphu – Babesa expressway last Friday, on 24 July 2015.

    Some 600 Ministry’s staffs based in Thimphu planted around 30,000 seedlings consisting of Jasminum, Forsythia, Ceratostigma and Hypericum species which were raised by National Biodiversity in Serbithang. The design of plantation was done in triangular with Jasminum planted in two rows with other species in single row. The 10 plots of Jasminum was interspersed with one plot of other species.

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