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  • Eastern Dzongkhag Officials attend awareness program on RADP

    participantsSeptember 29, Mongar: Dzongdags, Dzongrabs and Dungpas from the six eastern Dzongkhags led by the Dzongkhag Agriculture Officers attended an introductory and awareness program on the Regional Agriculture Development Program (RADP) Supports under the Commercial Agriculture and Resilient Livelihoods Enhancement Program (CARLEP-IFAD) which began earlier this year.

    The meeting shared the information on the programs and the implementation approaches adopted by the Agriculture Research Development Centre (ARDC), Wengkhar and the Office of Program Management (OPM), CARLEP. It was also an interactive forum to seek views and directives from the Dzongkhag Administrations for strengthening implementation process.

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  • National Symposium on Zero Poaching held

    img_4291-minSeptember 28-29, Thimphu: Poaching and illegal wildlife trade are the most serious and immediate threat to Asia’s many charismatic and iconic species, such as tiger, rhino and elephants. The steady draining of biological resources from Asian countries has continued largely unabated and thus negated the increasingly high conservation investments made by us. This should be of no surprise, given the increasingly sophisticated financing mechanisms, breadth and resources deployed by international poaching networks themselves. Recent studies have shown that illegal wildlife trade is one of the top-five of most lucrative illicit economies globally; recently its value was estimated to fall within the range of US$50-150 billion per year.

    A huge proportion of this activity occurs in Asia, and there is broad recognition that this threat will not recede without a clear region-wide up-scale of response.

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  • JAPANESE-STYLE GARDEN handed over to MoAF

    ceremonial planting to mark the event
    Ceremonial planting to mark the event

    29 September,Thimphu: A 1.5 acre garden constructed in traditional Japanese style at the Floriculture and Amenity Landscaping Centre, Dechencholing was handed over to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests. Named after the town which initiated cooperation, Miharu Garden was constructed from a JICA-funded partnership project by a group of specialists from Fukushima with the support of Bhutanese counterparts. JICA approved the project under the small-scale partnership scheme, for the period between November 2014 and March 2017.  It is being jointly implemented by the Department of Agriculture, Bhutan, and Fukushima Taki-Sakura Bhutan Committee, Japan.

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  • Gid disease Prevention and Control Campaign for Bumthang Pastoralist

    Treating a Gid affected yak mauled by Himalayan Black Bear
    Treating a Gid affected yak mauled by Himalayan Black Bear

    Bumthang: Gid (Gu-Yum/Gir Gir la)   disease is a pathological condition in young yaks mostly below 3 years of age and it is caused by ingestion of eggs of dog tapeworms which are voided along with the feces of yak watch dogs (definitive host). The disease is manifested through circling movement with head tilting towards the location of the cyst of tapeworm on the cerebral surface of the brain and seizure on some occasions.

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