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  • Seasonal prevalence of parasites in Yak (Bos grunniens) in Sakteng gewog

    picture1Yak is an important domestic animal, especially for highlanders. For the people of Sakteng Gewog more than 82% solely depend on yaks and its hybrids (Zo/Zom) in sustaining their livelihood. Increase in yak production is reliant on prevention or controlling of various diseases including parasitic infection despite other farm management practice. Heavy internal parasites in the digestive tract can compete for the nutrients whereas highly infestation of external parasites can cause heavy blood loss from animal body resulting in decreased production.

    Twenty two yak herds (11 each herd’s summer and winter) were randomly selected for this study. In total 56 faecal samples from weak, anaemic and diarrhoeic animals were collected in summer for internal parasites examination. In winter 118 samples were collected for both examinations of internal and external parasites. Faecal sample was collected directly from rectum or freshly passed dung and preserved with 10% formalin. The sample vials were properly labeled. The samples were examined using both sedimentation and floatation methods in RLDC, Kunglung, Trashignag. Information pertaining to internal and external parasites was collected using a semi-structure questionnaire. Data analysis was done using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) Version 16.0.

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  • The first of Organic Certification

    honble-lyonpo-with-the-group-members10 October, Thimphu: The Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA), Ministry of Agriculture and Forests certified “Rangshin Sonam Detshen” a farmers group of Khatoed geog, Gasa as Organic Group. His Excellency the Minister for Ministry of Agriculture and Forests Lyonpo Yeshi Dorji awarded the certificate to the group.

    This group was assessed for organic certification in accordance with the Bhutan Organic Certification System (BOCS) Guidelines 2013.

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  • A deer fawn rescued in Tsirang

    mmexport147602766422910 October 2016, Thimphu: Forest officials rescued a female deer fawn aged less than a year, from an unidentified predator which looked like a cat species at 4 PM on 7 October 2016. A group of forest officials were on patrolling in the Reserboo forest, Medrelgang gewog in Tsirang when they encountered a fawn being pursued by a predator, which ran away after seeing them.

    They carried the fawn and is being currently kept at a improvised rescue enclosure at Mendrelgang forest beat office. According a Sr. Forest Ranger, Kinley of Mendrelgang beat office, the fawn is being fed with grass and cow’s milk. “It has sustained not much of injury except for a small one on its nose,” said Kinley, adding the fawn for now is feeding well. “It nibbles the tender grass we feed and drank the cow’s milk,” said Kinley.

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  • Regional coordination workshop with the Dzongkhags

    picture-rlrpw5 – 7 October, 2016: Regional Livestock Development Centre (RLDC), Zhemgang organised three days annual Regional Livestock Review & Planning Workshop at RLDC conference hall, Zhemgang to discuss, review, plan and synchronize activities with the regional Dzongkhags in line with their Annual Performance Agreement Targets and Indicators for the 2016-2017 fiscal year.

    The workshop reviewed the progress and achievements of Dzongkhags, RLDC, commodity research centres for last 3 years, planned collaborative work plan for 2016-17, realigned and synchronized 11th FYP targets and indicators for the region. The forum enabled the incorporation of commodity research program activities (Input production unit) and regional program activities into Dzongkhag plan for effective implementation and to enhance the linkages.

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